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    Other than the headstock logo, why do Chibsons get so much hate?

    I don’t see the point in a Chibson. Anyone thinking about it should buy an Epiphone. At least you have a chance of more or less getting what you’ve paid for? You’ll certainly get something playable that can be easily upgraded.
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    Heavy or light versus tone?

    I used to think wood wasn’t that important, but I’m beginning to realise that it might be the biggest thing. Otherwise why would the same type of guitars sound so different?
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    My first BURST to start 2021

    Absolutely stunning colour. Looks like Cognac fading to a beautiful gold.
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    Heavy or light versus tone?

    Completely agree on the comments about listening to a guitar acoustically. If it doesn’t ring out and sing sweetly unplugged, it’s never going to work? I’ve got a Tele that sounds totally dull unplugged. No matter what I’ve done to it (new hardware and pickups) it doesn’t change the essentially...
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    Heavy or light versus tone?

    Interesting comments and this lines up with what I expected. I have a weight relieved Les Paul that sounds very bright and resonant acoustically. It sings sweetly when plugged in, but it lacks the girth and weight of the Traditional. That might be down to pick ups, but I do think that the...
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    help buying my old man first les paul r9 vs standard?

    Depends how much you want to spend. In some ways the Classic actually might fit the bill? It’s plain top, zebra pickups and all the switching options somewhat line up with the 70s vibe? Price is a tiny bit lower than the Standard too.
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    Heavy or light versus tone?

    Just bought a 2016 Traditional with Zebra pickups. Incredibly heavy; almost 11 lbs. Huge tone and sustain with lots of bottom end. Got me thinking, what’s the experience within the Mylespaul community. Are heavy guitars better or vice versa?
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    Which guitar should i get ?

    All beautiful guitars. Pick the lightest one
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    Late to the party. Just got one of these. Sounds huge. Heavy, nearly 11 lbs.
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    Is this really a 1993 Stratocaster? Please help.

    You should be able to date the guitar using the serial number? I find it suspicious that the guy has covered it up in photos.
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    What’s the deal with guitar collecting addiction?

    I’m not sure why other people do it, but in my case I think it’s quite simple. When I was a little fella I used to send off for Fender and Gibson guitar catalogs from the UK distributors. I would literally wear them out. I was obsessed. I looked at the back of record covers and checked out the...
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    The best way to improve the sound of any delay is to put it through the effects loop on your amplifier. Putting a delay in front of a pre-amp tends to make it muddy sounding, especially if you are relying on pre-amp distortion. If you haven’t got an effects loop the next best thing is to run...
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    Personally I love a tape delay. The digital emulations of these are really very good now.
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    Fret buzz on low E string (Studio 2018)

    Ask the guy to level your frets. Did you try the guitar and talk to him when you picked up the guitar? Did he agree there was fret buzz?
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    Gibson, Cease and Desist

    Most seem to reject Gibson’s position on this. However, I'd ask them to think about the importance of maintaining the Gibson brand. Brands become important for a variety of reasons, typically - The brand appeals to customers because of its function, appearance, high quality and value - It's...

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