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    1952 Gibson LP Gold Top - To Restore or To Convert?

    If future value is a major concern for you, I’d have it set up in the most popular configuration, which is (IMHO) humbuckers, ABR-1 and stop bar TP. Will this get you the most money, I’d say probably. Will this setup sell the quickest, I’d also say probably because (IMHO) there will be the...
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    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    I did it to a 2002 R8. The pickups are unmolested, covers never off, PAF’s from a busted ‘61 SG. Previously, I had a pair of Timbuckers In that guitar. Was it a day and night difference? No, more of a different shade of PAF tone. Did anyone in my band notice? No. Did anyone in...
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    Warning to Guitar Player Magazine Subscribers

    Not sure that would be fraud. I worked in an industry that had several prices for the same product. There was the standard price (highest available price as registered with the Department of Public Utilities), and lesser price points known as promotional pricing. I’m sure if taken to...
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    1969 Fender dripedge Princeton

    The tube chart isn't always accurate, Fender just used up whatever they had sitting around. BUT, I agree that Drip Edge Princetons and Deluxes are still Blackface on the inside.
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    1982 Corvette Cash/Guitar(s) Sale/Trade

    I've been a Corvette fan ever since I was a kid. On my sixth right now, a 2014 Z51 in Torch Red.
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    Why use a .15 cap in the Neck??

    I believe you mean .015, not .15. And by comparison, the standard value is .022 uF.
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    That is an amazing deal! I'd be all over this if I didn't already have one.
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    FS 2006 R8 Cherryburst VOS $2150

    Return the counter top. Keep the guitar!
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    Show us your Lemon burst!!

    Okay, I'll play. 2014 R8 Featherweight. Weighing in at only 7 lbs, 15 ounces. And not chambered! Just what my chiropractor prescribed! Now if I can just get up the balls to drill the holes to mount the pickgaurd!
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    FS Bartlett M69 Pickup Rings

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    Show us your Lemon burst!!

    That's unbelievable! So different, yet so beautiful!
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    Show us your Lemon burst!!

    Bought my first Historic from Vintage World back in 2002. It was located within a mile from my house. Walked in there, he had about a dozen Historics hanging on the walls. I settled on a 2002 R8 Washed Cherry. Still have her, she now sports real PAF's from 1961. The pickups cost more...
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    FS Bartlett M69 Pickup Rings

    I'll take them. Thank you, David
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    Why You Should Try Pure Nickel Strings

    The DR Pure Blues are advertised in the June '09 Vintage Guitar on page 53. The ad shows Derek Trucks and states Derek "...has used Pure Blues strings by DR for years".
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    Effect Pedal You Can't Live Without !

    That's interesting. I have my old gold KLON set up reverse of Brad. I have my GAIN down and VOLUME up, typical 'clean boost' style. Brad has his reversed from mine...

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