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    Nine Inch Nails Destroys $160,000 worth of Les Pauls

    Having seen the Who do all this stuff in our local hall in the 60s it meant something revolutionary to us but to see 9inch do it now it is so naff and uncool. Like showing off their wealth. Give up boys it's so uncool.
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    Most versatile tube amp?

    Does anyone rate Dr. Z ? I have played through one and thought it pretty comprehensive
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    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    I go with a Fender deluxe Reverb '65. Or if you like pedals and can lift it, then the Marshall BluesBraker will knock your socks off.
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    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    I agree entirely. I can see no point in relicing. It seems a complete rip off aimed at people who somehow think the guitar will sound different if some geek has been at with his tooL!!!
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    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    Not only is this a clueless mistake but its a GLUELESS mistake. The factory could not have set up or inspected this instrument. Money back time with a bonus. They might upgrade you for this?!
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    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    I only have one and its going to stay that way. I love the guitar and have hit upon the one that works, the fourth time of trying,(lucky me). Thus its precious and I look after it. Not cool I know but I probably could'nt afford too many or have confidence I would find one like mine. We are...
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    Ohhh sweet Lord who would do this??? (SiIverburst Abuse - be warned)

    That is like 'relicing' a painting by Monet!!!:Ohno:
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    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    Man I couldn't agree with you more. Many people have had changes throughout this pandemic and for me it has meant take any opportunity that presents itself. As long as it harms no one, just live life to the fullest you can.= and in this case play the beast .!!!
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    Buying a more modern faster playing Gibson?

    I know what you mean. The 60's neck, if you can find a good one is lovely, both on an SG or 335 but have you seen Albert Lee on his Musicman?? whoa. And the man himself (LP) did have a telecaster. My 2nd guitarist in the blues band I played in could get from 0 to 90 MPH on his very low set up...
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    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I may be talking out of place here but I have found that to get the greatest benefit in sound variety with most pick ups I've had on various guitars, I have needed the amp up in volume before I get a sweet spot of any sort. (I am using Joe Bonamassa Seymour Duncan 1959s) So you have probably...
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    R7 Braz serial number

    Good Price and Good Guitar = HEAVEN. Go for it and save the Brazilian rain forest into the bargain
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    Slash Standard body and parts fun

    Great Job man. Enjoy your new acquisition it looks the business.
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    Best LP for a 10 year old

    I would think about the Epiphone range but because of his age, weight should also be a consideration . SG type or slim double cut away model so he can get to the fret board. Good luck
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    Is my 2019 R7 Bolivian or East Indian Rosewood? Help!

    I would say as do some of our friends here that whatever it is, it needs a good clean and a couple of nice light oilings as it does seem dry and over time it will look much better. When I got my current Lester the board looked sad but over the years I have applied very small amounts oil and it...
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    Removing Weight From A Gibson Les Paul R9

    That is funny man. I think a cigar box guitar is what is required here!!

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