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    Research Project for my College

    No guitar I’ve sold, packed, and shipped myself has been damaged in transit. I’ve received an Epiphone Les Paul Modern with a broken headstock, but it was poorly packed from a fairly large online seller. I’ve received a PRS SE Hollowbody II with a cracked headstock too. This one was well...
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    2022 Les Paul Special

    Mine (which I recently sold to fund a different Gibson) was a one-piece slab. Vintage cherry finish so very easy to see the wood and verify that it was just one slab. It was also just under 7.5 lbs and felt great. Happy with my decision but I definitely do miss it.
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    NGD - 50’s Standard P90!

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. I forgot to mention it weighs in at 9 lbs 4 oz, so it feels solid but is nowhere near some of the 10+ lb Standards I see pop up online regularly. Here are a few pics of the two Gold Tops together. The tops and boards are pretty similar, but the difference...
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    NGD - 50’s Standard P90!

    Around this time last year I picked up a 50’s Standard Gold Top. As I’ve become obsessed with that guitar and love everything about it, I decided to pick up a new 50’s Standard P90 to match! It’s actually been a couple weeks since I received it, but just getting around to sharing now. Set up...
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    Two Les Paul specials inbound

    The current LP Specials from at least 2019 and on are mahogany necks and gloss finish. The guitars pictured in this thread are LP Special Tributes with maple necks and matte finish. OP, if you want the all mahogany with P90s, get an LP Special. I love mine and would highly recommend.
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    I dont usually do this but...NGD incoming!

    That’s stunning. And I’m relatively new to the LP world, but I’ve never seen flaming on the back. Super cool.
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    Used prices are outrageous

    If I were looking for an affordable LP that feels and sounds like an LP, I’d just get a current Tribute. I got mine for a bargain used, but then also stupidly let it go for a good deal (to the next buyer). Great guitar that was 100% LP, just no gloss or binding.
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    NGD - Les Paul Standard 50's

    Very nice. Let’s see the back, too!
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    is this "half and half" look enough to return Les Paul over?

    It’s got potential no doubt. Sweetwater pics can have some odd color or white balance issues. I don’t know the photographic terminology, but sometimes their pics are off.
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    is this "half and half" look enough to return Les Paul over?

    I think this whole dilemma is why I like gold tops. And still plenty of grain to admire on the neck, back and sides. Edit: to the OP, I don’t think the new one is worth the swap. I’d keep what you have.
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    Les Paul Special Body Dimensions

    But…the two guitars are not the same exact dimensions…is the point. The difference in thickness affects… the angle where it rests on the neck support…in the standard LP case. It’s discussed a little here: Do with the info...
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    Les Paul Special Body Dimensions

    Specials don’t have a maple cap though. So it’s not as thick, particularly at the bridge.
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    No More Sweet Smell ?

    Yep, I’ve noticed the same.
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    is this "half and half" look enough to return Les Paul over?

    Yeah, it’s a tough call in your position

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