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    Going for an audition!

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    Squire question

    Dunno. I've been doing my own work on my LPs for the last 30+ years so I'd like to tackle the setup myself. Any suggestions for setup videos? Thanks for the advice. I'll most like grab it up. Price is right.
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    Squire question

    A friend is offering me some kind of Korean Squire in trade for some work. I have no clue about these guitars, their playability, quality or value. All I own are LPs. I'm not really concerned with value as I was gonna do the job for free. Any info is appreciated.
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    What would your wife do with your Les Paul(s) if you died?

    I don't have a wife or girlfriend, so after my cat got sick of dining on my bloated corpse, she'd probably hop in the case.
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    2020 Over... 4 Gigs... Time To Rethink Things

    My bands were kinda petering out at the end of '19 so '20 was basically the rest of that turd dropping. I've barely picked up a guitar in the last year. I usually need the "deadline" of the gig or practice to create any urgency, kind of a challenge to myself. Back and shoulder issues don't...
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    My first BURST to start 2021

    Absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the score!
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    That Night I Jammed With Jimmy Page...

    Rick Sudakoff was still with Atlantic when I started in radio in the early 90's. He was good about taking care of us ticket wise. Haven't seen or heard that name in forever.
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    Mick Ralphs had a stroke four years ago

    Always loved Mick Ralphs, one third of the holy trinity of Mick guitarists, IMO. (Ronson and Taylor are the other 2) Saw the Mott '73 show in Milwaukee a few years ago. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Ian still sounded good. Hard to go wrong with all of those great songs.
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    There was an Asian beetle in my bathroom sink today, so I have that going for me which is nice. In Wisconsin.
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    The Beauty & The Beast..."Queenie" And "Oscar" 1980 and 1972 Customs

    One looks like it spent its entire life in the diviest of clubs and joints of ill repute and the other looks to have been hermetically sealed. Love 'em both! Kinda partial to the Beast. Did I miss the thread with the story on them?
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    FEZZ Comedy "Show" Yesterday

    No color?
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    Led Zeppelin pinball from Stern

    Stern unveiled their Led Zeppelin pinball machine today. MSRP for the Pro model (what you'll most likely find at bars, arcades, etc.) is $6199, Premium and Limited Edition has different cabinet and translite, has an additional toy plus upgraded audio and lists for $7299 and $9199. The LE is...
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    We've found Guitar George

    Why not? Do you not consider that rock and roll?
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    My Career is Complete!

    Sexsmith and a FrenchHor... seems legit.
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    Life's little misery..

    I did the Cologuard thing. The test came back negative. I also learned I'm 3.7% Dutch and I should cut back on my corn consumption,

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