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    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    I like that subtle figuring. It looks like cirrus clouds. Congrats.
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    I'm shocked and amazed.

    Well, they never actually SAY they are PIO caps ... ha. Shaking my head. Pretty sweet profit margin on those puppies, eh? I changed the pickups my 2020 Standard 60s and changed wiring to 50s ... pretty notable improvement on what was already a very good guitar. I left the orange drops in there...
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    Cavity shot ...

    Cool, so this is factory and A ok? My radar went off and thought it might be some kind of goofy neck reset gone bad. Obviously, I am no expert in these matters.
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    Cavity shot ...

    Hey guys — does this look normal? This is a 1980 Greco ... just looking at the edges of the tenon, obviously it’s messy but normal enough?
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    Bacchus Vintage Series Live Road

    From the 90s ... one piece back, bridge posts straight into the top, looks like jumbo frets, no serial, tweener neck size, stock Gotoh hardware, medium tenon. Anyone owned one of these? Thanks for any background or experience info ...
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    2006 Gibson R8 $3300 PP Shipped

    That’s all natural relic? Dang. That is nice.
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    Light weight 50's Standard?

    I had a CC 15 that was a bit more than 9 pounds. Compared to other (lighter) historics I have owned, that guitar sounded, for lack of a better term, “dense.” Not dull. Just dense and focused. I never considered it to be a do it all, versatile Les Paul. What it did, though, it did fantastically...
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    Light weight 50's Standard?

    My 2020 Standard 60s is 8 pounds, 11 oz. It really seemed to be an outlier at that moderate weight. Most were super tubby. Gibson decided they would rather sell 9-10-11 pound Les Pauls than weight relieve them. Dubious decision, to me.
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    Light weight 50's Standard?

    There are always exceptions, but for me there’s a sweet zone. It’s the zone where it feels right in hand, on your lap, on a strap - and gives the best odds at sounding great. For me that zone is 8.5-8.8 pounds. It’s an unscientific opinion, but it’s what my experience has taught me.
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    Unburst Les Paul Std color looks off to me

    I would have to call that unburst at Sweetwater “Peach Tea.” It’s ugly as hell, if that’s the real color. Hard to know.
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    Wow - New Les Paul Custom Raw Gold - I WANT!

    It reminds me of back in the 90s when sponge painting was all the rage and everybody was doing this effect on their walls. Corny looking then, corny looking now.
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    New LP 60s question

    The binding thing might bug me ... depends on how much I liked the guitar. I could overlook it if the guitar was really good. The bottom line: if you put macro photography on any Gibson like your pic of the nut, you are going to see imperfection. I think Gibsons in general are the best sounding...
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    1997 R0 Flame Thrower up for auction

    It looks more like a PRS than a Gibson, honestly. I think those pics have been manipulated.
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    2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition 50's Faded Honeyburst *Price Lowered*

    That IS the perfect neck. Too bad Gibson doesn’t stumble into it more often. Great looking plain top.
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    Murphy Lab - Finally Got it Right but Too Late

    Agree. I like a little bit of chaos in a maple top. That is too clean, too straight, too perfect.

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