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    The latest in my search for a Gibson custom shop

    Probably just down to different guitars sounding different. But when one gets under your skin somehow, best to snap it up if at all possible. Or else it becomes the one that got away.
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    The latest in my search for a Gibson custom shop

    The brighter, more brittle sound of the historics is really mostly the custom buckers compared to the Burstbuckers in your 50’s. They’re going for a vintage kinda tone, which the Burstbuckers have never really had. This is just a preference. If you put Burstbuckers in a historic they will sound...
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    ‘17 Tribute

    Pic not great but it appears to be a very nice top for a Tribute and the price seems right … looks like a nice deal to me
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    sourcing pickups

    You can get a set of Wolfetones on their 25 percent off sale for just a bit more than 200 ... fantastic pickups, great reputation, no brainer.
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    I have a problem… my LPs have multiplied

    Seems to me that a connection to one guitar over another isn’t really empirical at all. How does each one make you feel when you play it? For example, for me, if I can’t “get lost” in the experience of guitar/cord/amp and one drive pedal, that guitar won’t be around long. I have drooled on the...
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    What the fu.k .... !?

    Have a nice bone nut made by a competent luthier and call it a day.
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    NGD: Its raining Unburst lately , pic heavy.

    Everything is right about this Standard. Really nice.
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    What exactly is this Les Paul

    That’s not maple.
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    Gibson now selling Custombuckers aftermarket

    I have seen people asking mid 400s ... but maybe they’ve gone up lately like everything else. I understand the marketing aspect. This is Gibson’s attempt to battle the Throbaks of the aftermarket pickup world on their own price turf. I don’t know how it will work out, but that seems to be the...
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    Gibson now selling Custombuckers aftermarket

    $638 for a pair? I like custombuckers but that seems ridiculous. But people will probably buy them. I won’t be one of those people.
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    Could you good people check for me this 2004 Standard?

    Yes, desert burst is a rim burst with a black back and a more orange-ish hue … that is more amber, and a tear drop burst, does look like tea burst. Nice looking Les Paul.
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    FS 2005 Tokai LS-150

    Killer. And light. Double whammy. Sweet guitar.
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    New Classic-markings in truss rod route.

    Those markings are clearly sweet voodoo tone juju.
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    NGD! NGD!

    Yes. That color makes me happy.
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    This guitar for a couple hundo more than a new USA Standard? lol. No brainer of the year.

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