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    Japan's version of Ebay or their largest online musical instrument store

    Also has a lot, although it's primarily a feeder site for other stores. Sometimes is used by guitar shops too. I've been surprised to find some really good vintage stuff on there over the years.
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    I want to make a folding version. Much more convenient. I'd seen 'em in pictures, but this is the first time I've seen one unfolded and put to use in a video. That's great!
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    NGD - Casio DG-20

    Ah yes - I've enjoyed those guys for years. I remember sketches like "Business Time" from back before they had a TV show. As for the DG-20, you can probably tell from my fairly wooden playing in the video that it's not the easiest thing to get around. Sometimes notes don't sound, or the...
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    NGD - Casio DG-20

    Of course! Hand tools only and old-growth ABS...
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    NGD - Casio DG-20

    This was $50. I want to say it was a bargain, but my neighbours might disagree...
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    Does this price justify buying a guitar I probably don't need?

    I'd buy it immediately, then think about whether or not I should have later. It's great as is or an easy refinish for the right person. Seriously - if I saw that in a local shop in Tokyo today at that price, I'd leave with it for sure.
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    Long time MLP members might remember this vid I did as a response to a bet. It's a lute, not a theorbo, but, still...
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    So, What'cha listen to today?

    This: Then this:
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    Why Hair Metal Got Pounded (and deserved it)

    The rock scene in Tokyo has a weird overabundance of both hot girls and middle-aged guys, with the latter constantly trying to figure out what the catch is.
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    Why Hair Metal Got Pounded (and deserved it)

    I think I've had a beer with that drummer. Being a guitar maker in Tokyo has its advantages.
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    You won't complain about LP weight if you have this...

    Wow! This is a bit like that roadside or craft fair art one sometimes finds for sale...hideous lace doilies, framed pasta-and-sprinkles constructs, 'fridge magnets made from ineptly-painted know the sort of thing. It's amazing that somebody actually thought "I know what I should...
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    pls delete

    Lawks! Another beauty...stunning!
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    Need help with new noise gate

    Unfortunately, I've found that noise gate pedals aren't universal fix-its. Sometimes, they work well, but other times they don't. It seems to depend on what is causing the hum. I've got an MXR somewhere that is great in some setups and useless in others. Probably a very similar circuit to the...
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    PRS Starla X

    Personally, I find them a bit ugly, as do a lot of people, but they sure sound good. Anecdotally (as I've never played one), they also feel great. I suspect it's not likely to have a lot of resale value, however, so, if you don't like it in the long term, you may take a hit on it.
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    pls delete

    Teuffel guitars are instruments that I admire immensely. I'd love to own one, and would, were I a good enough player to justify it. Either this model or a Birdfish.