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    Opinions on new frets for my reissue...

    He thinks the refret is for a good reason that's why he's doing it. To the OP, I would go play a bunch of guitars and see what you like best. You can look up the specs after picking your favorite.
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    Bump for a great looking R9!
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    Incoming 19 R9 NGD! THANK YOU HOG

    Thanks for sharing Jon.. looks badass to me!
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    NGD 2019 R9

    I really dig the coloring on that one... congrats!
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    NGD 09 R9!

    Great looking guitar, congrats! :thumb:
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    NGD:2018 Brazzy Goodness!!

    Nice axe, congrats.
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    New Lefty LP

    Love it, congrats! Great looking guitar in every way... :thumb:. Seeing lefties like that makes me think.....
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    What mods have you done to your reissue.

    The only things that are still stock on my only remaining R9 are the Mahogany, Maple Cap, and maybe a few screws.
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    To All My Canadian Friends.....

    Yeah, but it'll never happen again.... :rofl:
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    To All My Canadian Friends.....

    That's awesome!
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    London in the 60s & 70s

    Nothing to really add.. just wanted to say this is a cool thread.... :yesway:
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    Beautiful Lefty Burst in Spain. Lots of Pics.

    Love this guitar, Steve (Lefty Elmo) and I have discussed it many times! What a bunch of beautiful detailed pictures!
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    Vintage Gibson Flying V (early '60) - Mike Burn Demo

    I really enjoy his demos too Rudi, thanks for posting! What a great guitar, that V is impressive! You could sure tell Mike was enjoying himself playing that killer instrument. This is my first post in almost 6 months... wow, time flies!