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    RIP Paris terror attack victims

    It is pointless to debate the merits of intelligent satire with the average American. Now if you want to have a discussion of cartoons with an American and can keep it to the level of Chester the Molester from Hustler magazine, you might have some luck. Any more than that and you are wasting...
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    RIP Paris terror attack victims

    Words or cartoons, no matter how satirical or outright offensive or pornographic, have NEVER killed anyone. They have never hurt anyone physically. If someone does not like the words or the cartoon or whatever it might be, they do not under any civilized circumstances have the right to commit...
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    RIP Paris terror attack victims

    I see little humour in most American television sit-coms and most shows on TLC I consider to be offensive trash, but I'm not about to go to a TV studio and start killing people over it.
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    RIP Paris terror attack victims

    He said a legit source! :lol:
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    RIP Paris terror attack victims

    One of the killers is dead and the other two are in custody. Paris Attack Suspect Dead, Two in Custody - NBC News
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    Kidney Stones.....

    When I had kidney stones my doctor told me that it is the closest a man can come to the pain of childbirth. These days they can usually break them up using a sonic pulse but surgery is sometimes required. It's not a dangerous operation but can leave a hell of a scar. Never try any Internet or...
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    Jon Jones Tests Positive for Cocaine

    C'mon... MMA guys are such upstanding, non violent citizens and great role models for the kids! (I bet he's been doing a lot of Alpha Males lately. :) ) Just like pro wrestlers. They are all well adjusted, law abiding folk.
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    Guitar Tips of the Pros...

    I just received this in my email and thought some other members might find it useful. Something new from Steve Krenz and Learn and Master Guitar and it's free. Can't beat the price...
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    Anyone else anxious for Agent Carter tonight?

    Something like that. 8 episodes from what I have seen.
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    Anyone else anxious for Agent Carter tonight?

    I'm recording it so that I can skip through the ads later. It's 2 hours tonight!
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    Anyone else anxious for Agent Carter tonight?

    Anyone else here anxiously awaiting the new Marvel TV show, Agent Carter, tonight? Looks like it will be another winner. It will be great to see a Marvel show set back in the days when it was all starting. I can't wait!!!
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    Sony Has Sold 18.5M PS4s

    It's just the same 7 million buying them over and over and over again. You do realize that iPhones are really just a North American thing, the rest of the world is ruled by Android?
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    Jon Jones Tests Positive for Cocaine

    One day someone will be really honest and come out and say "I really enjoy doing cocaine and I have no problems with addiction. I have no intentions of entering rehab at this time but will consider it if I believe it necessary in the future. Thank you for all your concern but I can handle myself...
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    A&W Burgers. Pretty darn good for fast food

    There are a couple like that around, Tim Hortons also, and I've always been curious about them. Not curious enough to try it, but curious! :laugh2:
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    trackballs and whatnots

    You do know that you don't slide the trackball unit around your desk, right? :laugh2: But seriously, there are different units where you use your fingers to roll the ball instead of your thumb - such as this one... Or the older trackman marble model that can be found on clearance...

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