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    '72 54bb reissue vs. orig 1954 ('53) bb. Its on !

    I don't suppose anyone has any pics they'd like to share of the following: - Bridge and neck pick up routes - Underside of the beck pickup - Bridge pickup with it's cover off - Bottom of the stoptail Finally pulled mine apart and am interested to see if it looks the same as others
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    Burny with a Bigsby and a tailpiece question

    Very, very old thread revival. Just found one of these on a Les Paul I have. But the main reason I am posting is because no ones seems to have noticed the spelling mistake on the "tailpice"
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    2012 Les Paul Custom '60 RI - "LPB0" Any info??

    Just fond another thread that says 2012 and 2013 Historics had the brown book COA, so no issues there.
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    2012 Les Paul Custom '60 RI - "LPB0" Any info??

    My 2014 '68 LPC also had the brown COA, the same as this. My 2012 R7 had a black one though so maybe 2012 was the year they switched? Or maybe they use both for different reasons. Can post pics of all three. Gibson never responded to my email, I have just resent it. Hopefully they will get back...
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    2012 Les Paul Custom '60 RI - "LPB0" Any info??

    Got a quick response from the dealer "Hi, I appreciate the reply. I can confirm that the Gibson LPBO Custom has an Ebony Board. The customs that are NOT Historic are usually a different substance such as Richlite. Hope this helps," I had bought a 2014 '68 LPC from them previously and they...
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    2012 Les Paul Custom '60 RI - "LPB0" Any info??

    I thought I read that that only started towards the end of 2012? But I am sure you or someone here knows more about it than me. It is advertised as ebony and they emailed saying it was ebony in the specs... I have just emailed asking can they confirm 100% that it is Do you know anything else...
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    2012 Les Paul Custom '60 RI - "LPB0" Any info??

    Looking at buying one of these but it is very hard to find any info let alone a spec sheet. Seem to be quite a rare guitar. Just about any info I can find on LPC historics refers to either '68 or '57 reissues. The '60 version is a ghost. I did find info on a 2010 50th anniversary LPB0 model...
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    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    My '72 LE '54
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    '72 54bb reissue vs. orig 1954 ('53) bb. Its on !

    Probably best just to continue this thread. Took me a bit to find it is all and thought there may have been another I was missing out on. I'd be interested to hear how others use theirs in regard to volume and tone controls and preferred amps. Seems like everything on 10 is not the way to get...
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    '72 54bb reissue vs. orig 1954 ('53) bb. Its on !

    Just found this thread and that is the closest to mine I have seen. I have 745650 Pretty sure you would have figured out that yours is a '72 by now? Is there another more comprehensive thread for these Limited Editions? Or am I in the right place Also every time I read about these people talk...
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    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    My R9 has some lines through it
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    My Les Paul Defect Burst - Beauty or the Beast?

    I like it! Had the same thoughts about my '06 R9. In the end it makes it unique and identifiable which is cool to me and the shot from where I bought it underless dramatic lighting

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