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    bavarian makeover on my 2013 R8

    that came out beautiful!!!
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    My band (Stolen Girls) new album

    Hey guys my band Stolen Girls just put out a 6 song recording if you're into Garage Rock and Punk with some noise and chaos you should check us out! Stolen Girls :dude::dude:
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    I read a story about Keith Richards during the time of the exile recordings coming into Micj Jaggers room one night decked out entirely in a gestapo uniform he had found in the mansion since it had been the local Gestapo headquarters during WW2.
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    Whats up with that pin on Jimmy's jacket? Seems like its got a swastika on it pretty strange I assume its part of the shock culture of the 1960's
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    So I was watchin Celebration Day and couldn't help but notice Jimmy's amps does anyone else think its supposed to be a cheeky joke I mean they do say ORGE:cool: :dude::dude:
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    NGD R8 Sunset Teaburst

    That looks amazing!!
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    If you could have only one amp for your historic, which one would it be...

    JTM45 with a master volume or an Orange Rockerverb 50 half stack
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    NGD - 1996 Les Paul R8

    I love it very nice looking top seems to have a cool vibe more pics!!
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    Check out my bands first E.P.

    Little promotion here but you guys should check out my band some cool garage-punk! Our E.P. dropped today so you should definitly give it a listen or a download:dude: Stolen Girls
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    Historic Makeovers is REALLY Smoking Some Tobacco!!!

    Beautiful Beautiful guitar man congrats for sure! I wish I had the funds to send my JPP to HM but being a broke college student I'll just have to enjoy it how it is which aint to bad
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    nostalgia: your first amp...

    Behringer 2x12 combo it was a really cool amp when I was starting because of all the multi-effects I had a lot of fun trying to get the sounds from my favorite records and stuff,
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    NGD: 1955-2011 Year of Innovation! Hot Mod

    Beautiful top really stunning! I could see how you wouldn't want to let it go!
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    calling all Pete Townshend Les Pauls

    I don't have a Les Paul but I do own one of the Live at Leeds SG's
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    Gibson Custom Shop Custom Order 1958 DL/AG TOP

    Someone in the paint shop at Gibson must have said THIS TOP CANNOT BE A SOLID GOLDTOP and came up with the weirdest solution I've ever seen.
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    That last one is awesome!

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