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    Honduran Mahogany in Europe?

    I'd be amazed if you can find any. For the last decade in the UK I've only ever managed to buy from other people's stashes, by 2007 I couldn't even get African Mahogany from a timber merchant as no sustainable sources exist. There appear to be occasional blanks for sale in Spain or Germany but...
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    Laminated MDF for templates

    Thanks both that's great, melamine is the word I was looking for but couldn't remember, to describe the face. Yes luckily they are MDF, the cupboard carcasses are chipboard but they do their doors and cover panels in melamine faced MDF.
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    Laminated MDF for templates

    My workflow for template making so far has settled on using carbon paper to copy plans onto a plywood master, then make copies of the master template onto 13mm MDF for routing. If the copies get damaged or worn I can just make new ones from the master. I have a small quantity of white covered...
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    EVH shark build

    I do expect that it would sound different, as explorers seem to always have a repeatably different sound to flying Vs - which also have a big bit cut out below the bridge. Flying Vs still sound great though don't they? Just different. I will send you a PM Lee as I have something that may help...
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    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    Just an update here for any UK forum visitors, I finally got around to using this company. Really happy with the results, it's folded A0 but done well and came within 2 days and most importantly is accurate. So happy to recommend.
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    How to restore yellowed plastic parts.

    Hydrogen peroxide is a fairly popular method, people use it for everything from whitening synthesizer keys to Star Wars stormtrooper figures. From memory the yellowing has something to do with a flame retardant mixed in the plastic like Bromine. The use of hydrogen peroxide and UV light as...
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    trim router advice

    Does it have to be a trim router? Is it a question of weight, or dimensions? Almost everyone seems to use one for their binding channel jig but I'm sure I saw someone using a smaller 1/4" plunge router as well on a forum. Im wondering myself as I have this sort of jig on my to do list.
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    New Pillar Drill (drill press) - losing my mind

    That's the one I'd like to go for Andrew to be honest, just a shame Devon is so far to go in person from Yorkshire. 3mm min chuck is the only minor drawback on the spec, otherwise it looks better than their trade models. I may send them some questions on what tolerances they set the...
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    New Pillar Drill (drill press) - losing my mind

    Thanks guys really value your thoughts. Glad it's not just me then thinking it's too much to spend, it can be hard to have perspective when options seem somewhat limited. I just used Canadian dollars as on balance more of the frequent posters I recognise here seem to live around Ontario! Many...
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    New Pillar Drill (drill press) - losing my mind

    After getting noticing my cheap bench top drill press is not what it used to be, I've started looking at options for a decent pillar drill. My old machine was bottom of the range Chinese made for £50 in 2007, but actually hasn't been that bad. I've given it some abuse and early on even managed...
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    If you're going as low as 240 grit then I think using the honing guide was a wise choice. It would be a shame to use a plane as well machined as that and hone the blade out of square. I think the reason freehand sharpening works for people is really just because the angle isn't that critical on...
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    Truss rod steel

    Thanks everyone :)
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    Truss rod steel

    What steel was used for single action truss rods in 50s Gibson and Fender guitars? I'm planning on making some up but the terminology differs across the pond and I'm a bit confused. I think I should be looking for EN1A (low carbon mild steel)? Just keen to get something that functions well.
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    Explorer build - 1958/1963 style

    Thanks, that's my fear. In our humid climate it's been a pain getting things to stay flat and my workbench is quite warped now. So I'm leaning towards a cast iron top for a router table for that reason, the more affordable, compact ones are about 68 x 40cm which seems ideal but without using...
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    Explorer build - 1958/1963 style

    What size is your router table Johan? I'm looking at options for mine and wondering how big enough it needs to be for luthiery.

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