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    Router center finder

    These look really useful Scott. Some of the reviews said theirs weren't concentric out of the box, did you have any concerns with yours? I am still inclined to try one but wondering if they need a bit of finessing
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    Accurate 50s Custom headstock drawings?

    This thread is really helpful and matches with other measurements I've seen posted elsewhere online I've been meaning to make a drawing from it at some point, by adjusting a tracing of an LP standard headstock. Would be nice to have a...
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    58 Flying V Plans

    I think it's a really logical educated guess, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one and it makes absolute sense that they would have used simple imperial measurements. The only reason in which I can imagine Gibson wouldn't have, would have been if they'd started from a larger...
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    What is this wood?

    Could be Idigbo (Terminalia Ivorensis)? It looks very similar in the photo. It's almost identical genetically to Limba but tends to have a slightly coarser grain and is easy to buy from sustainable sources here in the UK.
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    ...and here's what I've been doing on the new bench. Neck carve for the 6 string neck on my doubleneck strat project. Cocobolo fretboard, Mahogany back and it's a fat carve - going for a vintage Fender C profile and 23mm thick at the first fret.
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Haven't posted any build activity yet this year as for 3 months on my workbench was... a new workbench. Almost finished it now so should take some new photos of it. This was one of the legs, it's a sliding dovetail tenon that was good practice for handiwork like using a chisel, marking knife and...
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    One good bit deserves another

    Glad it's not just me then. I did the same thing last week with a practice neck I was making to try out my new 12 string strat template. I just used a straight trim bit (still fairly sharp though) as it was a dummy neck and it blew the dummy pine neck to bits at the top of the headstock! I felt...
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    had to make a new template

    Completely agree with you Chris. I've struggled quite a bit to get anything near definitive for some vintage Strat dimensions, there doesn't seem to be the appetite for details and the community based plan making I see here for vintage LP's. Whilst it's true these were hand made instruments...
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    Bartlett's urea-formaldehyde glue.. Ratio tips?

    Thanks for the heads up guys, that's saved me a frustrating mistake and given me other alternatives to try. Perhaps another victim to inflation? Cutting on quality control rather than increasing price, or perhaps both.
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    Bartlett's urea-formaldehyde glue.. Ratio tips?

    This is one of those rare situations where it appears to be easier to get hold of something in the UK than on the other side of the Atlantic. Here you can buy a UF product called 'Cascamite' fairly easily, it appears to be reasonably popular...
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    Truss rod channel with a router table.

    The router table and fence method seems pretty decent but I'm interested in seeing how people do it with a combination / plough plane. There's a lot to be said for methods that are quiet and create shavings instead of fine hazardous dust, your neighbours and lungs tend to prefer them.
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    Rule of 18 Fretboard

    Great idea! Thanks Peter
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    Rule of 18 Fretboard

    It's a shame many vendors sell inlays with different shapes. I recently got your template Pete and offered up some inlays I got in the UK, these are 'Incudo' from Rothko and Frost. All inlays are just a bit too narrow. I have some I bought 10 years ago from the US that are also too small (exact...
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    Most Vintage-Correct Nitro lacquer available in the UK?

    I guess you're paying for the service and convenience with them, for a one off job I think cans are probably better than hiring or buying a compressor, air filters etc. I won't be using them much now I have a decent spray set up but they have a place. My plan now is to use the Fiddes lacquer...
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    Most Vintage-Correct Nitro lacquer available in the UK?

    I've heard Fiddes bone hard lacquer is the best for what you seek but haven't got round to trying it yet. The price for a 5L can seems reasonable. Link: The cans sold by Manchester...

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