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    MacGyver Tele switch knob!

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    Is this a genuine Gibson Les Paul?

    The nut slot is way off, font seems wrong, logo seems wrong, and it has a rosewoodish fretboard. Everything screams FAKE to me!
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    Belated NGD L6-S

    Yeah, the selector switch is VERY wrong! A standard chicken head will give you the proper look. The pickups were what Lawrence called the "Super humbucker" I have a 78, ebony on black, that I love to death despite not having the proper electronics. (Was a PITA finding a 6 way diagram for it, and...
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    Most Underrated Pickups

    Ibanez V7 and V8's. Uncle Matt MMK 45's Kramer Quads. The A2 sets that Aria used in 77. (you got them I want them!)
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    Do you WANT fat kids licking the screen and all that? And if so, oh god why??
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    I used the BB1 and 2. NOT a fan.
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    I have always been a Custom fan. In my humble and completely useless opinion, consider the Custom the epitome of guitar perfection. I have had a few in my life, ranging from a 71, 75, 79, 81 and a 90. (Which was NOT the best Gibson put out by a LONG shot.) Had a standard or 2, but never really...
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    Fender players who use all of the 5 pickup switches, what do you hear in them?

    Don't have a Fender, but a 73 Arai copy. 1,2 and 4 are my go to "start" tone. I hate the bridge as a single coil. On my Ibanez RGRS440, I added a push/pull to give me neck and bridge, and all three together, along with a coil tap on the bridge humbucker.
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    L@@K at this Beauty

    I can't unsee this....
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    I dont know what epiphone les paul i have

    "Almost exactly" doesn't help. Those things that aren't "exactly" like the Gibson, or the other guitar pic, are what helps define what model it is.
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    NGD! Epiphone Tommy Thayer Electric Blue Les Paul!

    My EYES!!!!!!!!! NOT my choice of finish, but it's cool!
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    I was playing a lot yesterday and accepted something.

    I am somewhere near the 70 range for the amount of guitars I have, ( I lost count in the mid 60's, and no, I don't want to count right now!) I have FINALLY been able to narrow it down to 20 definite, honest to god, they will be with me to the day I die, keepers. And now begins the process of...
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    Sorriest concert you ever saw

    Blue Oyster Cult. I loved those guys, I really did, but the concert billing was.... ridiculous. BOC was the headliner, the opener was some douche called Aldo Nova, and the middle, the Dixie Dregs! The Dregs BLEW out BOC in every way possible, from sound, stage presence, and musical ability. When...
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    What is this??!

    It's a ...… wait for it.... wiat for it...… GUITAR!:applause: Made in Korea, as everyone, and the neck plate said. The bridge pickup is an OBL (Overseas Bill Lawrence.) (Ehh sounding.) Neck pocket cracks are common on bolt on guitars. Just flex the neck and see if the crack moves. The top...
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    Semi Hollow Models Comparable to ES-335

    Oh that's PURRRTY!!!!