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    How many pounds would you consider *heavy* for a stratocaster?

    The Silver anniversary strats weight in a Paulish 10 lbs. or so. That's a "bit" heavy, ya think? So 7-8 pounds would be the current definition of whatever normal is now.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Has a REALLY crappy and plastic looking burst finish to my eyes. Both finishes looks forced. The AAA top is most likely a veneer, like 90% of anything with a figured top these days. For 800.... ehhh, it has to play like the proverbial Teflon coated butter to impress me.
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    Epoxy for neck joint.

    I sincerely hope you put it together Joe, and after it cures, realize that you shouldn't have told people top 'F off' as it cured at the wrong angle
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    This logo look right?

    Looks fine to me.
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    Anyone know what happened to Ric Ocasek's LPG?

    Probably ended up in some pawn shop after quitting the Cars.
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    what am i doing wrong with katana

    I know nothing of the Katana, so forgive my ignorance. BUT since it's a digital amp, can't you download patches for it, to get the tone you want? From webpage.... Pro setups available at BOSS Tone Central At the BOSS Tone Central website, you’ll find numerous free amp and effects setups for the...
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    Can anyone solve this one? (3 pieces neck)

    It's a perfectly legit Epiphone. Go, and enjoy it in good health!
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    Can anyone solve this one? (3 pieces neck)

    Nope, perfectly legit. MOST Asian made instruments under a certain price point have scarf joints.
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    Show US your MIJ Les Pauls

    Ok, I see your unicorn and raise you one dragon Blues! Top Row: 1979 or so Manoman. Reportedly made by Cushin Gen Gakki. I know the pickups and pots are not original, and I doubt the gold finish is also, but God man, when you play it, it knows what you are doing BEFORE you do it! This is one...
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    Post the link so we can put the fear of Les in his ass!
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    What year is this Aria Pro II Standard LS-500 Les Paul?

    This "MAY" help
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    FAKE 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitars and the factory ledgers. A Wall Street Journal story 7-10-2020

    But.... it's showing Joe B.... ruins the credibility of the article.
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    Nitro over poly?

    Yes you should.
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    Fett's poll thread, brought to you by CJ.

    I HAVE paid dammit! I read thru 9 pages of this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fett's poll thread, brought to you by CJ.

    Are we in Phase 1, 2 or 3 of reopening the thread?

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