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    Help with an Epiphone elite LP

    Ok, to my eyes, that's not exactly the greatest repair I have seen. I don't know what a pro would charge to tidy up the repair, but that's what I think you need. A PRO to do it. If you wanted to do the cleanup work yourself, some body filler, sanding, LOTS of sanding, and a spray. DO NOT change...
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    Ibanez ARC 520

    So I had this Gibson Studio Faded, the one with the mahogany top, and while I liked it, never truly loved it. So when I saw that my fav store had this guitar, with the much desired and needed foot pedal toy, I jumped on it, and traded the Gibson. I mean, how could I say no? The guitar as a...
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    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

    I have a 73 SG, and a 2000 Epiphone "Les Paul Custom" re: SG with 3 pickups. I play the Epiphone a LOT more then my Gibson. If it's right in your hands, ears and heart, it's right. Period.
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    Is a Whammy bar possible on epiphone special II?

    Buy one with one already on it. I think it was the Epiphone Special GT.
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    1999 Blues Hawk Ebony

    I had an 97 Blueshawk. LOVED the tones from it! Hated the guitar itself since the neck wouldn't stay constant. Had buzzy, thought, "Ok, fret level and recrown, no biggie" Played FANTASTIC. 2 days later, buzzed like a sitar. Did the truss rod, and a minor recrown, played great for 2 days, and...
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    bought my first Gibson

    The one on the left.
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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    55, but in the process of thinning the herd down to 20 or so.
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    Gibson Explorers. What do you think of them?

    Always thought they were cool. Played a few in the 90's, liked the overall tone and necks, but always felt like I was strapping on a table.
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    I can’t make a Fender sound good I guess? Lol

    I don't know, maybe I'm weird, but I don't notice scale length when playing. I'll pick up my SG or my L6S, play, then go to one of the many Ibanez's I own, play, and it feels somewhat the same. I notice the string tension is different, but it doesn't phase me in the slightest, nor does it affect...
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    Wiring questions

    Real simple here, you need a 3 way on/off/on switch. Eaton 8946K910 ON-OFF-ON Toggle 3-WAY Switch 3-Position Hagglund 5396 4102-503 | eBay Might feel "clunky" though.
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    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    1999 Gibson Custom Shop Gibson Rocks America NASCAR Les Paul Junior – Jimmy's Vintage Music ( Drops mic and walks away.
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    NGD: Dream R8 with a Ding!

    Wait, you DIDN'T pay extra for the factory "relic" job???? NOW I'm impressed!
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    2007 Dean dimebag Razorback standard Floyd rose HELP!!!

    3 words of advice: Measure, Measure, Measure. Width of the posts, height of the block, thickness of the base... measure EVERYTHING that can be measured, and do it again before putting on a Real Floyd. AND, duh, check the measurements of the Floyd. Always sounds easier then it turns out to be.
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    Orlando Guitar show coming back!

    January 29yh and 30th. Missed last year due to covid, but it's coming back! Orlando International Guitar and Music Expo (
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    Players You Like

    Fripp and Belew. Need I say more?

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