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    Poly touch up

    I would go no finer than 400 as it will be a completely mechanical connection between the poly and the lacquer.
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    I screwed up my fret leveling job and I don't know what I did wrong.

    Using anything to level frets that is shorter than the fret board never works that great IMO. Here is how I do my frets.
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    Dent in neck

    Yep, sand it out and redo. But when you sand that debris out you will scuff through the red at the edges of the original dent. Making an invisible repair very very difficult. This stuff ain't as easy as it looks on you tube :rolleyes:. Why my original recommendation was to take it to a vetted...
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    Dent in neck

    Contamination.... old sanding dust will turn white if not completely removed. Especially when CA is used.
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    Vintage Tuner Issue
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    Dent in neck

    Filling it is the best option. What to use depends on what the finish is. Do an acetone test to find out if it is nitro or poly and choose a fill material based on that. As deep as it looks in the pic a burn in fill may be best to fill the bulk of it with a bit of finish over top to seal it.
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    Dent in neck

    I'm guessing you dented your friends guitar..... I'm also guessing you have absolutely no idea what to do and no prior experience at repairs like this based on the post. My recommendation is to take it to a vetted pro and have it fixed. It will be cheaper now then after you attempt to fix it...
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    Peavey Auction...anybody looking into it?

    Yea... I'm gonna wade through that... May bid on some stuff.
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    Fixability of a separating bridge ??

    Yes, I re use the bridges as often as possible. I only replace a bridge when it is necessary because it is badly cracked or has been shaved down. This article shows gluing on a bridge, albeit a new construction job but the technique is the same...
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    Fixability of a separating bridge ??

    Very common problem on these.... While a different problem on a different guitar I show how to pull a lifting bridge properly at the beginning. I also show the re-glue at the end but this top needed some patches first...
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    Cracking around Headstock Inlay - Repair?

    What you are seeing is called abridgement. It is where the substrate shrinks back from the bottom of the finish. Attempting to flood with Ca will likely make some of the marks permanent. Also CA and nitro do not buff together very well and there will be witness lines. To really make it go away...
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    How hard would it be to repair this neck joint (looks like it needs a reset)?

    335 necks , by design do not steam out easily, they are not dovetail as on a hollow body see here where I replace a 335 neck. And actually the crack on the back of the neck is more concerning to me than the neck joint from what I...
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    Newer Gibson Songwriter, pickguard lifting up

    The crack looks like a lacquer crack from that view. There is finish under the PG so it can't destroy the top like those old Martins where they glued it to bare wood and finished over. I typically pull the entire PG and clean off all the old adhesive and then reattach it with adhesive film.
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    SG Headstock Repair - Spline or not?

    I am typically against splines for a number of reasons which can be read here.... However in this case there is not much grain engagement at the break and I would opt for splines here. Sizing...
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    What species of wood is this?

    Could be Ipe. Maybe Jatoba. Definitely looks like something meant for exterior use as a deck bpard.