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    Fender Bi Flex Truss Rod Woes

    First, stop, just stop..... This neck is toast so get a new one. Next time you have the urge to fix it yourself, take it to someone.
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    We've been warned!

    Used to have a lot of respect for Mark...
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    Removing Poly ? 1983 lp studio covered in crap poly

    They warn about exposure to MEC so it should.
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    Removing Poly ? 1983 lp studio covered in crap poly

    Aircraft stripper with MEC in it was the only hope. They pulled MEC from consumer shelves the first of the year in the USA so only thing left is if you find some old stock that hasn't been bought up yet.....
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    Luthier recommendation for shrunken binding

    I can help you out. Here is a link to some of my work that is well beyond simple binding replacement or headbreaks.... My shop is in Magnolia Delaware, PM me for the phone number if you want to talk.
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    Finish compatibility question.

    without testing with the actual materials anything is a guess.....
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    Can binding be repaired instead of replaced?

    Broken neck binding like that is common and a fairly easy fix. The heel cap will need replaced, not so easy a fix.
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    Trouble with polyurethane refinish

    You can, but without removing the poly you put down it will not melt together like it should and you will still have witness lines. Unless you bury it under a heavy layer in which case it will crack and flake. Modern nitro isn't the same either..... it is much softer than what was used back then...
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    drop in acoustic saddle.......

    Don't get it near a strobe tuner if you want to keep thinking that... ;)
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    Trouble with polyurethane refinish

    Thanks, I think...... As to the OP...... hardware store poly like min-wax will never blend into the original finish without witness lines etc.
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    drop in acoustic saddle.......

    Have you checked the intonation? When a player actually needs one I make them by hand. Many cases, especially ones with the plastic saddles with the B string step in them, intonation is actually improved with a plain traditional bone saddle and a proper set up.
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    drop in acoustic saddle.......

    No saddle drops in and is set up correctly.... never.
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    Need help - Removing water based polyurethane finish

    Solvents will not work to remove a water base polymer. The chemical bonds will not come back apart, this is why poly has greater durability. The poly underneath will definitely keep a drying oil like danish or tung from ever drying properly. These oil finishes depend on an interface with bare...
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    Need some blue dyes that won't fade.

    Behlen Solar-Lux
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    Strat question

    For an S type guitar you should have 25.250" from face of nut to to the centerline of the pivot screws for the trem if it is a typical fender type. 25.00" if it is a Floyd.

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