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    Should I pay to restore a Vintage Gibson L4 from 1910?

    Excellent candidate for a full restoration. Not every old guitar is and most are not worth the money or effort. It is no small amount of work, but really not much more than to properly stabilize and simply make playable again. Having done quite a bit of this type work I can at least give an...
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    Lacquer compatibility

    You will need to test that yourself most likely.
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    DIY Bengal Burst

    Looking at the pic on Sweetwater it would be a medium brown dye and sand back under a fairly straight forward gibby cherry burst which is an amber background and a cherry or red mahogany for the burst.
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    Nitro lacquer newbie requests instruction

    You must do some math and use a mil card. I explain here..... This would be worth reading as well.n
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    Acoustic Dovetail Help

    So.... your climate controls suck is my guess. In Aug/Sept it was much higher RH and now that the RH is lower the wood has shrunk and the joint is loose. Climate control of storage and work areas is critical when working on acoustic instruments. First you need to stabilize at correct RH to...
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    SG badly repaired headstock

    I salvage the unsalvagable, things like this... and this That mess is really bad. Honestly a neck replacement would be easier and...
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    How to avoid paint cracks?

    First this is dependant on the quality of the joinery. Good tight fitting joints that are properly glued exhibit no movement between pieces which is a large reason for these cracks. The two pieces simply move slightly independent of eachother and no finish hard enough for a guitar is flexible...
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    Can any of you scratch build "skunk stripe" type necks?

    Your change from a flat head to an angled one makes this very difficult., Your blank will not fit the typical jigs and fixtures as it is not Fender spec...... This will need doone custom, one off. Personally, the only way I would take a project like this is if I made the entire neck.
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    Inconsistent thickness of ebony fretboard

    Only a compound radius FB will appear to be the same thickness all the way along the neck. Yep it's geometry.
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    Best cavity shielding method

    I typically never actually ground to the shielding paint personally. For me it's a finished look inside and out thing..... why i switched to paint. It's there if the customer ever wants to actually make it part of the circuit. But I agree in most situations it does nothing to improve tone or...
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    Source for nice looking fretboard marker inlays

    Dots? Blocks? what's there now? What do you want to put in? Not typically what I recommend as a DIY especially considering you had to ask.....
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    Best cavity shielding method

    I have tried it all. Used foil for years with good results. Currently use a graphite coating as it is easier to apply neatly. I make my own from graphite powder and shellac.
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    What's Your Buffing Schedule?

    I use 14" buff arbor. Final sand before buff depends some on the finish but most will start at 400 or 600 grit level sand. I use Menzerna bar compounds starting with 113GZ followed by P204. Both on standard 80/60 cotton airway wheels. Final buffing is done with GW16 on a domet airway. This...
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    Cost to get a Telecaster routed for Trem?

    Honestly, I was less than impressed with the Stetsbar.Was a real PITA to set up from what I remeber and really didn't stay in tune well with use. And no it wasn't the nut....
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    Cost to get a Telecaster routed for Trem?

    My typical charge to convert a hardtail strat to a trem is $250 + parts. The tele body if it is routed typical tell will need a bit of a plug and maybe a new p_up cavity cut so it would run a bit more.

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