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    Care of satin finish?

    Sh!t..... we are supposed to clean and polish our guitars? HNGD. Just play the crap out of it. Enjoy.
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    Which Les Paul.... Help me decide guys

    No1 or 2..... and keep your deluxe gold top too. ;)
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    From Burst to Sparkle

    Just checked his work out on his site...... WOW. He is good. I bet your really excited about this. ;)
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    From Burst to Sparkle

    What kind of price range would a modification like this cost ya?
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    The Les Paul Classic Custom Club!!!

    Welcome to the CC club Kez. I still got mine and its going nowhere. Its mine for life. Yours is a beauty mate. Really nice. I hope you keep it forever. I think we all got great guitars with this run. May you have many years of enjoyment with it. ;)
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    Cool guitar..... so cool I could see Slash himself rockin that one. ;)
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    Scientifically accurate double blind test... pup covers or none.

    It's a zebras from me.... on that particular guitar. I like covered and uncovered.... depends on which one though.
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    NAD: Vox MV50 AC

    Hnad. I really like vox myself. Might check these out in the future to match my other vox amps. ;) enjoy.
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    Belated NAD - DSL5C

    Happy new amp day. I have the dsl5cr. Great amps. How's it sound with the greenback compared to stock speaker?
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    Les Paul Studio Silver Pearl Sparkle

    Deffinatley reflectors. ;)
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    Changing stock pick ups

    This might help a bit if you want gibson pick ups.
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    Can't find my sound. Frustrated. (Laney CUB12R)

    Yes I do. I play it with the switch on the back set to the low setting. I can always switch to 5 amp if I go to my friends house for a jam. :) My mistake.... your question was for the other guy
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    Can't find my sound. Frustrated. (Laney CUB12R)

    I am a home only player. I have the Marshall dsl5cr. It's 2 channel tube amp and perfect for clean or overdrive with all my electric guitars. It also has fx loop and switches down to either 0.5 or 1 watt ( not sure which one) pedal included for switching channels and switching fx loop on and...
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    Can't find my sound. Frustrated. (Laney CUB12R)

    1. Are you running your guitar in the 1watt input? 2. Do you have your guitar volume control turned up? 3. Is your amps gain and volume turned up? 4. Have you selected the right pickup for your volume control ? My friend Johnny always use to bug me saying he can't get the overdrive sounds...

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