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    You think you can fish a river?

    Well, back in the late 70's, early 80's we used to fish the Jordan River in Michigan with shotguns. On another note, I did land a 14lb 13oz Steel Head in Lake Michigan.
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    My wife has lost over 100 lbs

    My self confidence went up tremendously. I didn't even know how to act and I was only about 20 lbs. overweight. I'm 54 and I get random young un's checking me out and smiling all the time. I'm thinking, "do I have a booger on my nose?"
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    I just got braces

    My wife's ortho told her she'd have them on for about 14 month and 90% of the moving would be in the first 6 months, if I remember correctly. It sounds like you had serious issues so tough it out. You'll be glad you did. Good luck.
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    Was this guy actually banned for this post? If so, wow. A new level of immaturity. You quit?! Well, YOU'RE FIRED! Somebody has ultra-sensitive butt-hurt syndrome. Doctors Close To Cure For Butthurt Disease
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    I just got braces

    My wife just got them at 51. At first it was a snugness, then it turned into serious pain until she got used to it. She still has periodic pain in like a single tooth. She's only had them for a couple months but one of the other things you'll notice is that your teeth might get worse before...
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    npd: corona chorus

    The Tone Print app for smart phones is very cool. Check it out.
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    Need Multi-FX Input

    I ended up going with the RP500. Although more complicated than the Boss unit, I'm finding it quite flexible and with some decent tones, did take some experimenting. First of all, it absolutely sucks going into the front of my THD Flexi. Nothing I could do would make it sound good...
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    Insainely loud amps

    120 W. Peavey Deuce or the 160 W. Mace. I pulled two of the tubes out of my Deuce and it's still stupid loud...but it's a GOOD loud! Incredible balls.
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    Need Multi-FX Input

    Hey all, I've decided to simplify my rig. I'm tired of dealing with my full-blown pedal board and am looking at products in the Boss ME-80/Digitech RP500 price range. I'd like to hear from people with experience with both of these products. Here's my list of priorities: 1) Usable...
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    Pedal Trade!

    I have 3 Hardwire pedals I'd like to trade...preferable all 3 in one trade. And I'll throw in a Jekyll & Hyde. RV-7 Reverb DL-8 Delay/Looper CM2 Tube Overdrive I also have a Digitech Harmony Man that I can throw into the mix. I can post pics later if necessary. The Hardwire pedals all...
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    Vocalist and Drummer rant...

    I didn't set a "trap".
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    Vocalist and Drummer rant...

    There are a handful of biker bars that we book and can stay busy every weekend. We're not pros; just weekend warriors. I've seen guys playing guitar along with backing tracks and working gigs. If they get satisfaction out of that, great! That's why musicians play; to do something they enjoy...
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    Vocalist and Drummer rant...

    I know, right?:lol:
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    Vocalist and Drummer rant...

    That's usually the easy part with most of the stuff I'm involved with. I don't think I've ever been in a project where I didn't like somebody.
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    Vocalist and Drummer rant...

    I came here for suggestions. But got few. If YOU can tell me where I'm expecting too much, I'm all ears.

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