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    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    except that the sub heading of other single cuts reads "Tokai, Burny, Greco, replicas, etc"
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    also comparing the pickups to the link you provided earlier, it is strange the baseplates of my pickups arent engraved with maxon as well as the smaller 6 digit stamp, everything else matches the pre u-1000 shots. also not sure if this of importance but the pots are long shaft and the switch is...
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    ive also just come across these photos on the tokai forum, this guitar has the same pots caps and grey sheathed wire, the switch in my guitar is a switchcraft clone. pickups look the same bridge is the same but mine is stamped tokiwa on the back, different tuners...
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    hmm very interesting. it does look very similar to the sa 700s i see on google, was starting to lean towards fujigen but the mahogany center block throws everything off. the lack of an open book headstock and an inlay could indicated it was assembled after the lawsuit happened, perhaps body and...
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    i appreciate all of your insight. id really like to remove the covers from the pickups to take a look, but im worried they could be bobbin-less like some ive seen with the flat pole pieces. id also like to rewire it with cts/switchcraft stuff and proper wire, clean the old pots and get the...
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    just took a look with my little mirror all the pots have solder over all the codes. all i could see was one code starting with 27 full size pots, green chicklet caps, all grey pvc wire
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    that is a great link! im not familiar with the difference in neck construction and routing between the factories. anyone know a link with a good overview? who produced the early grecos? and where does the tokai factory fit in with mats, fuji and terada? did the tokai factory do off branded...
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    i have found some information possibly pointing towards fuji gen as the factory that made this guitar. definitely isnt early 70's, hardware construction and finish are much too high quality
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    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    thanks, ill check it out. TO MOD - The other single cuts forum needs a sub forum for other vintage mij guitars. anyone who knows anything about japanese guitars hangs out in that part of the forum, hence why any mij related content is usually posted there and usually ends up getting moved to...
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    "Good Years" and "Bad Years" for Gibson Les Pauls

    like its been said in this post it depends what specs you want. early 2000's produced some nice guitars
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    2018 Les Paul BFG - Thoughts?

    when they came out people thought bfg stood for bound for garbage. the other guitarist in my band had one of the original models and although im not a fan of the look it sounded good though i dint like the unfinished feel. the edge of the top dug into your arm and it was weight relieved but...
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    NGD Classic Gold Top

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    Heavyweight Les Paul

    check out something from the norlin era and your guitar will seem lighter lol
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    NGD - 2013 Les Paul Traditional

    very nice!

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