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    I'm having a bad day

    I use the reflection in a window behind the car to check the brake lights, glad the puss is OK , Cheers.
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    Nice article about our own Pop1655

    Do you deliver to Oz ?? :cheers:
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    Placeholder for MLP Post 'Rona Group Meet & Eat

    HA! you think it's to far for YOU..... :lol: Never mind, all good.:thumb:
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    “Dune” Reboot/Remake

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    Tell me about yourself.

    No, I"M Spartacus ......and so's my wife. :sadwave:
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    jokes & funnies.

    Dammit, I've earned the gray in my beard and I'm gonna show it proudly.:thumbs:
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    I usually only get mine cut once a year, it grows pretty slow and I'm retired. :)
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    jokes & funnies.

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    I remember when they played Thebarton Oval in Adelaide in the 80's. I was driving a cab at that stage, after I had dropped someone off I heard the opening of WYWH and wondered why I wasn't in there instead of working. Never did work it out.... Dumbass be me.:rolleyes:
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    5.7 mag quake hit's Utah.

    That sucker let loose in 1811-1812 and did quite a number.
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    Class 5 Les Paul

    Mate, sorry if you took my post wrong, I was looking at the dates on the thread and was surprised how many times it had been given life over the years. I did actually find the Xrays interesting. Thanks for your contribution and welcome to the forum.
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    Class 5 Les Paul

    The Thread that never dies.:jam:
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    Police & LEOs

    What a Twonk... :)

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