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    Chambering...I know, please help

    No surprise there Huey, when I contacted Gibson regarding some info on mine the guy didn't know they made guitars!
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    Jimmy Page reissue question....

    The ones to buy are the ones with the page slim neck, 2005 on I think, the ones with the sig on the pick guard are the ones to avoid, no where near as good, the good ones have the serial number starting with JPP***. Hope that helps, the first ones they made were not even close to the right spec...
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    No more BS !!! ,who's played a real burst????

    That is funny cryptozoo, but not as funny as someone owning a $100k-400k piece of wood, and telling themselves and everyone else that there is nothing on earth that sounds as good. Priceless.
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    No more BS !!! ,who's played a real burst????

    Good rant. I agree. Matt.
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    For sale; Gibson Les Paul custom ultima. In UK.

    For sale. 2008 Custom Les Paul ultima, it is the AAAAA quilt top, flame abalone inlay, the stop tail, imperial tuners, and is in 100% mint condition I am in the UK. Will ship internationally, the buyer pays shipping and insurance, will not ship uninsured. Please email Matt at...
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    Gibson Dark Fire Limited Edition First Run

    I like it. I think it looks cool. Might be cool to have one to just mess around on. You never know it could be a good thing. Matt.
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    Michael Bloomfield signature Les Paul Burst

    Good news, I wonder what the price and available numbers will be. So when are we gonna possibly see this?
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    Couple of dumb questions-

    They are grovers and the best pickup I have found, that is to my ears, as everyone has different opinions it is subjective, are the pickups in the page replica, but i'm sure others will tell you different. Matt.
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    Old Black

    Hey Greg, I just bought an old black replica, one of the Murphy aged ones, the switch seems to be hooked up as a coil split, was wondering if you have a wiring diagram so as I can hook it up as a bypass, I think that would be a much better use of the switch, thanks in advance.(can pm if you'd...
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    my '06 R6 won't check

    Hi guy's. Just wanted to add my two cents. I own five les pauls,(at the moment). Three of which are aged, the thing with them is that they are a replica of a famous Les Paul. What would be the point in having a replica of a guitar that looks nothing like the original. I totally understand why...
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    Are we sniffing corks?

    More to the point, I think people on here worry too much about what other people are doing than concentrating on their own faults. Everyone comes here comes for the same reason, because they love the Les Paul. Isn't that enough. (obdviously not). Quit stirring and come up with some new and...
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    Learn to read music!

    Ha ha. Have any of you actually played this, sounds great.....not. Good find.
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    That is a very cool concept, love to see that.
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    Standards or Customs?

    I voted for standard, but am classing my page, rossington and slash as standards as thats what they essentially are. They play look and sound the best, to me anyway. I like the custom but just not as much. Cheers, Matt.

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