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    NGD: 2002 ES-135 Tobacco

    Thanks, everyone. Spent the last week or so just dialing it in and finding out where the sweet spot is with my amp.
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    NGD: 2002 ES-135 Tobacco

    Yes, humbuckers. And yeah, it's a trapeze. Thanks very much! Pics coming tonight.
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    NGD: 2002 ES-135 Tobacco

    I picked up my first semi-holllow guitar last week. I'll post pics of it tonight. It's a really clean 2002 Gibson ES-135 tobacco burst with humbuckers. When I plugged it in, it sounded really dark and muddy but it had acoustic strings on it and was set up poorly. I cleaned it up, set the thing...
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    Do You Upgrade/Mod Your Guitars?

    Mostly my goldtop... it started life as a 2013 Les Paul Traditional Pro II. I gutted the electronics (boost, split pots, etc,) replaced them with CTS pots and 50's wiring. Pickups went bye-bye... it now has double cream Bare Knuckle VHII's in it. Bridge, stoptail, tuners... all replaced with...
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    2013 R7 Goldtop VOS (SOLD)

    I have a 2013 gold top and two of the knobs show cracks... and I left them that way the same as I left a couple of scratches and such. I don't get some folks.
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    NGD - 2018 Les Paul Classic Player Plus

    Zzounds sold me this one for $1100 USD plus sales tax. The color is called Orange Sunrise. The fretboard is Richlite. Shouldn't have trouble ordering one and getting it across the border. And thanks for all the positive notes, everyone!
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    NGD - 2018 Les Paul Classic Player Plus

    So, I had to do it. The price was too sweet not to pick one of these up. I've been itching for a P90 Les Paul for a couple years now and could never find one that worked for me when I had the money for it. These were $500.00 less than the other colors - I thought I would have to suffer with...
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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional or Epiphone Elitist Les Paul

    If it feels and plays better than the Gibson, nothing wrong with the Epi. Saying that, I'm very fond of that stretch of Gibson Traditionals (2011 - 2013) and I would personally lean heavily that way.
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    Not Sure If They Did a Good Job Installing My New Pickups!

    First attempt at installing pickups, I set wiring diagram on fire. True story.
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    NGD: Canadian exclusive Les Paul Classic Player Plus Orange Sunrise

    I just pulled the trigger on one of these today - Sunrise Orange. I bought it because of the price - $500 less than the other colors. Now that I see some decent images of this guitar, I'm glad I did it. I may do the cream treatment, as well.
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    Win an LP! 2018 Fundraiser Giveaway

    For the same reason a person might troll everyone else who shows interest...
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    Win an LP! 2018 Fundraiser Giveaway

    These are terrific guitars. I ordered one amost as soon as they released them last year. If this is the limited edition 2018, it has a 50's neck. Can't seem to find any options for me except Platinum, though. Probably because my Gold Membership is still good until November 30.
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    NGD 2018 Les Paul Traditional ...small issue.

    Call anyway and advise your rep of the issue. If / when you take it to a tech, etc., it creates a paper trail.
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    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Jr. - and questions

    And here are the knobs I chose... let the hatred begin... I actually dig the Hell out of it.

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