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    NGD Relic content

    LIKE It kind of does :D
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    Not a fan of SGs in general, but this one...

    currently looking at vintage SGs, next year is the big 50 I have a notion about getting one from the year I was manufactured, vintage SG prices are not too bad all in all.
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    NGD Relic content

    not painted less aged
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    NGD Relic content

    Palir Titan, my 1st Telecaster I wouldn't normally ever consider a relic but John Palir uses relicing as a finish rather than trying to fake age, not everyones thing I know. looks like its survived a house fire plays and sounds incredible
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    intelligent music

    Totally agree, that album is as intelligent as any Floyd
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    Phone Call Makes Me Poop

    heh heh enema voice
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    Godzilla: Resurgence

    Godzilla Vs Batman......... tragically its going to happen
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    audio ? what is resolution

    its jus how much information is digitally sampled from an analog source, frequency is how often the sample is taken. The table is possible colour tones for an image, audio is the same
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    A much ligher note: anyone own an early 1970s Chevy Chevelle?

    nice my mate had a 70 Eliminator that was original ordered in XR7 trim, it was a a real factory rarity dont have any pics unfortunately.
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    lean production in music

    ha ha thats so true, cinematic trailer tension building tool No.1
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    Lose/loose its/it's

    Zee grammar nancies arsched up zee grammar holocaust thread
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    lean production in music

    I dont think it will bother anyone that chooses to watch Wonder Woman
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    Germany blast: Ansbach bar explosion 'leaves one dead'

    wheres the diversity ?
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    They didn't let me fly or drop any bombs

    thats an amazing experience good for you great pics

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