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    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    That’s okay! While I have one, I’m not much of an LP guy either. :cool:
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    New acoustic day

    Congratulations, that sure is gorgeous! Love the colors Happy NGD to you! :cheers:
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    NGD Martin 00-18

    Congratulations! Beautiful guitar! Happy NGD to you! :acoustic: I picked up a 000-18 back in March, and it quickly became one of my favorites. Btw, I am curious if those ebony pins changed the the tone, if any? Love to hear your opinion on those. ;)
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    What has happened to Taylor?

    You definitely can’t argue with that! :cheers:
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    What has happened to Taylor?

    I couldn’t agree more. :thumb: They do have their followers though.
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    Good acoustic for $1000?

    I can vouch for the Yamaha LL16. Engelmann Spruce A.R.E. top and solid Roswood back and sides. Ebony fretboard and saddle. Plays and sounds as good as guitars costing twice as much. Yamaha has been around a long time and knows how to build an acoustic. It’s my choice for import acoustics...
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    NGD - Martin D-28 Reimagined

    Congratulations, beautiful D-28! Love the top. Happy NGD to you! :)
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    Congratulations, and Happy NGD to ya! :cool:
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    Now I've gone and done it.

    Good lookin' strat! :)
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    NGD... And I need a little help

    Nice SG! :) Yeah it'd be nice to bring it back to original, but unless I could find or acquire original Gibson made parts for it, I wouldn't bother with it. Using aftermarket parts (or custom making them), to make it look original is just cheesy to me and my way of thinking. To bad folks...
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    NGD: 2019 SG Standard ‘61 Vibrola

    Congrats, and Happy NGD to ya! :)
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    2019 SG 61 reissues, are there two versions?

    Again, there is no "Gibson SG Standard '61 Reissue". It's just a "SG Standard '61". Gibson was very careful as to not use the word "Reissue" or "RI" anywhere in labeling, marketing, or advertising this model. There is a reason for that. ;)
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    2019 SG 61 reissues, are there two versions?

    Neither do the 1991-2012 "Gibson SG Reissue":
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    New Tele Day

    Nice! Happy NGD to you! :)

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