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    Fane A60 - Quest for the Perfect Speaker

    Have you tried a Celestion Gold? How does that compare do you think?
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    FS: Bacchus Vintage Series Tele, 1 piece ash body, birdseye neck.

    Are these finished with nitro or poly? Tried to google but I couldn't figure it out.
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    One that got away....

    I've been on the hunt for an early 80's Ibanez AS200. Every once in awhile they pop up for around 1200 with some issues. I keep telling myself when one shows up for less than 1000 I'll jump on it, but I'm starting to think it won't happen. The most painful one was a MINT 81 AS200 on Reverb for...
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    This Epi is calling me:

    My brother has a Dot with a B7 and a vibramate, that thing probably weights 12 pounds. SIGNIFICANTLY more than my Les Paul Traditional, which isn't a light guitar. I've been on the hunt for an 80's Ibanez AS200, which is a semi-hollow very similar to a 355, and they weigh upwards of 9 pounds...
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    1959 Gibson Les Paul Special: A Restoration Journey

    WOW!! What a cool guitar! Looks structurally sound as far as I can tell, is that crack in the neck a full break or has it been glued up, can you tell? Looks like you've got the original pickguard, wiring harness (iffy on this, not sure that green chicklet capacitors were ever used in 50's...
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    Delete please

    Man, if this were a JSM10 I'd be ALL over it. Just can't get on with the giant headstock on the regular models. Good luck with the sale!
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    NAD: Ceriatone Plexi 100 Super Lead

    Lovely! I have a Bluesbreaker on order with them, should be finished sometime in late December-early February. The wait is killing me! I have a pair of Celestion Golds for it, and I have a Sourmash cab ordered that should be here before too much longer.
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    fitted 8's to the R0

    I dig 8's for feel and sound, but my biggest problem with strings that light is I feel like I lose a lot of the dynamic range. I feel like you quickly get to a point where you hit the strings too hard and they mush out or go out of tune. I recently went back up to 9's after using 8's for several...
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    So cool! I need to grab this book. Are those KT88's in the Superbass? Would that have come with EL34's stock?
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    WTB: Ceriatone JTM45 or Bluesbreaker, Chassis only or 1x12 combo

    Last bump before I order a new one. If you've got another decently priced clone, Mojotone, etc etc etc let me know :)
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    WTB: Ceriatone JTM45 or Bluesbreaker, Chassis only or 1x12 combo

    Bump. Still looking for one of these! C'mon, someone must have one they aren't using. :)
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    WTB: Ceriatone JTM45 or Bluesbreaker, Chassis only or 1x12 combo

    Looking for a used Ceriatone JTM45 or Bluesbreaker, Chassis only OR 1x12 combo (not necessarily with a speaker). HIGHLY prefer a model with half-power switch and front-panel PPIMV, but if you have a different variation, let's talk. Not interested in a 2x12 or head unless you can give me a GREAT...
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    Vintage - Reissue blind listening test

    I definitely think guitar A sounds BETTER. Can't really make a decision as to which guitar is which. Never played a real burst, so can't compare personally.
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    Bluesbreaker vs JTM45 sound

    Hello. I'm looking to purchasing a Bluesbreaker or JTM45 clone in the near future. I've done a lot of reading on these amps and I've had the opportunity to play a friend's Bluesbreaker clone several times, and it's basically my ideal amplifier sound (right now anyway). However, I'm not sure that...
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    Montrose, 1974

    I think in passed through a number of hands between Ronnie and Gary, including Tom Wittrock, who named it "Stripe."

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