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    Would this be considered a short neck tenon?

    Yours is shorter than mine, but not as long as Slash’s or so the legend says.
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    Hack happened, to all affected by the hack to my account:

    So I’m not getting a free guitar and didn’t win anything :( That sucks man hope you get it figured out.
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    Can this Les Paul Jr be Salvaged?

    I would have said no by the fist pick but now I’d say maybe!
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    when you think P90 ...

    Les Paul custom black beauty.
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    Bad Pussy

    Just ignor the cat. They are like women if you ignore them they behave much better.
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    Pay as you go driving!

    I’m Glad my Nissan GTR has 2009 technology. Fun as holy hell too.
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    spark amp

    I have one. They are actually pretty good especially for the money. I don’t really get to the delays I just ordered off of Amazon and got it in less than a week. The only quirky thing I found is if you have an Apple Watch you have to turn it off or it will interfere with the Bluetooth...
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    Buying a more modern faster playing Gibson?

    Gibson Les Paul Axcess hardtail or floyd.
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    Do these exist? Guitar Headphone amp with onboard mp3 player?

    Buy an iPhone / iPad guitar plug adapter. Use a guitar amp app. Use Bluetooth headphones = profit. Not sure why you’d want to avoid that. ;) Not sure if the amp app would work on top of a backing track on another simultaneous app running, but I bet something exists in the Apple App Store...
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    How important is keeping original case with guitar

    For the cork sniffers it’s important. On expensive instruments I don’t use the original case. Those get put away and I use a better purposed SKB or flight case.
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    Perfectionism with my guitar collection drives me crazy

    ^^^^mmmm I’m honestly not really that fond of vintage guitars that look like they’ve been though a barn fire. I don’t even think they’d be fun to play. If I had the means I would certainly like to collect them, but I’d been look for the closet kept gems like that classic car that has 567...
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    Perfectionism with my guitar collection drives me crazy

    Don’t feel bad, I don’t like my guitars to get beat up and I’m very careful not to get scratches on them. I do like light used older guitars that have some wear because then I don’t worry about it. On my mint guitars specifically don’t wear clothes with buttons when I play and take measures...
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    Perfectionism with my guitar collection drives me crazy

    Easy. Only buy custom shop light relics!
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    Fretboard Cleaner & Polish

    Get the Dunlop kit. It’s got clean air conditioner polish prep all in one

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