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    Fancy Inlay Design vs. Practicality

    I've been bashing around the idea of custom inlays. I was thinking of nicely done element runes (earth, water, air and fire), but I was wondering about cost. Plus, I don't think anyone around this area (north central Florida) does that kind of thing...
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    '71 Marshall 50 watt Soundcheck

    Nice! Where did you find that price list?
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    How many customize their LPs??

    I replaced the knobs with reflectors on my honeyburst, gives it a vintage-y look. I need to replace the nut - it's sticking on the G and B strings, and I'm thinking of replacing the Probuckers with Pearly Gates....
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    Led Zeppelin down for another show?

    Well now is "unavailable".....
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    Led Zeppelin down for another show?

    I'd rather hear new material. Do a studio album first, even if it's only 4,5, or 6 songs.
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    Bad pickup?

    Seems to have just started. Doesn't matter what room or amp. I have a Marshall MG 15 and CODE 50. Doesn't matter what setting, only if I turn it up almost, but less than, half on the CODE (which is new). It never squealed with the MG, even all the way up, but now it does. I can't get the...
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    Bad pickup?

    Need some help guys. 2012 Epi LP w/ probuckers, both pickups on and at 10. During playing I'll start to get squealing feedback. I flip the switch to the neck pup only and the squealing stops instantly. Pickup gone bad? Thanks.....
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    ProBucker question

    Hmmm.... I can't seem to located the EDIT button on my post #20. Anywho, pulled out the neck pup when changing strings yesterday and, sure enough, it's a probucker - PB2NHBN-4 to be exact.....
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    ProBucker question

    My Standard Pro Plus Top was made in July, 2012 (according to the S/N). Stickers on the pickups said Alnico Classic Magnets, but the sales ticket said Probuckers 2 and 3. They are coil-tapped. Guess I'll be pulling out a pickup on next string change! It'll be a while, though. I'm using...
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    Marshall Code 50-NAD

    Hi, all. Haven't been here in a while due to buying a house in an area with no available internet (except my phone....). I've been waiting for the Code 50, but the local stores say not till the middle of August (and by then they'll probably be saying September....). So, please tell...
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    Peavey Vypyer Tube 60

    My tube 60 died last week. Playing along and it suddenly went "fizzzzzle......." and out went the lights, for good. Must be the transformer as everything else checks out. I'm looking to try out a VIP2 soon (none in my area...).
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    The official I hate windows 8 thread.

    W8 is good on my phone, but I won't touch my wife's laptop (W8) unless I absolutely have to. Damn thing tries to be too "intuitive" and guess what you want to do (like open or close a window - always the one I don't want to!). I'm still on XP, but that's only till I get a new PC. I'm a gamer...
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    71% of today's youth couldn't join

    How about mentally (and physically) fit enough to defend our own country when attacked? That, I see, is the real problem.
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    playing again after twenty years.

    Hey, Skipper! I did the same thing: played and gigged for many years in the late 70s/early 80s, then gave it up after not really getting anywhere except for a wife, kids and a mortgage. Started back up a few years ago. Figured it would take a couple of months to get back into playing shape...
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    Watched Oblivion last night ...

    I liked her better here than in Hitman, but that Victoria chick could swim naked in my pool anytime.

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