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    78 Deluxe LP-to wax or not to wax?

    @cooljuk Maybe you can post the 'destructive testing' pics of just how effective such methods as Gary's actually are
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    78 Deluxe LP-to wax or not to wax?

    James has done experiments with de-waxing pickups to the nth degree of thoroughness. After cutting the wire off, the outer approx 5% of the wind had no wax after those efforts, and the 95% remaining still had the wax in there.
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    Are all or most Reissues great LPs?

    Whilst I'd guess not many worldwide would have the experience already shown here, an additional note is that each person has their own likes. So a guitar declared a 'shocker' by someone else may well be the very one that ticks every single box for you. Its all about going out and trying guitars...
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    Replacement Pickguard question

    Dan is a member here too. You can always request a lot of individual aspects that a generic maker might not be able to accommodate.
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    Replacement Pickguard question

    The other place is mojoaxe. The hole on the top you can duplicate by simply using the old as a guide to drill the new.
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    Why do this to a beautiful Gibson Historic

    I was expecting much worse given the level of put on outrage in the OP. There are of course the obvious differences between personal views on what makes a bad relic job (and seeming differing personal views on artificial means to make a guitar mimic an aged one visually)....... But it seems...
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    Help with a first real Les Paul

    Is the Jr a p90 pickup version.....if so that same type of guitar in a 2 pickup configuration is called a special. Same basic slab body but with the selector switch and 4 controls. If you go into the carved top/2 humbucker versions then a studio is the stripped down the Jr of...
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    78 Deluxe LP-to wax or not to wax?

    Still original pickups? I'd guess there is something loose. I have pickups from this era and they don't automatically squeal. I'd look to firmly re fitting the covers (maybe with some tape on the bobbin to assist with damping) as the first step, as that is the most probable culprit. The...
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    Weight relief poll

    I've built both fully solid guitars and ones that are like smaller archtops......and everything in between (one hardtail strat is about 6lbs all up) I pick them up equally. You start to get small tonal shifts in a Les Paul when you get to chambered......but blind tests have equally spread the...
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    Video review of my '74 Les Paul Custom

    I think you are the first person I have ever heard say this. Most are very glad to have even the low wides from the Norlin era guitars replaced, let alone the fretless wonders on the very originals.
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    Magnets, winds and wire

    Shall I take it as read you have no ability to research the basics on your own then.
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    Purpose of the tribute model line?

    Yep, spalted is the very beginning of fungal infection. It gets stabilised when used for furniture or instruments which halts the process of breakdown.
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    Stewmac Ball Bearing Router Bits

    If you're doing a vintage Les Paul build, typically there would be 2 reasons the 3/8" bit would be unsuitable..... 1. Its way too'll need about twice the length of bit as you need to have 2"+ of bit sticking out below the router base to get through both template and then down...
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    Les Paul Long Tenon Router for Staple P90s

    Late to the party here, however........ In a singlecut Les Paul there is no issue - there is plenty of wood there......even in something like a slab body variant. The DC varieties might be a bit more dicey. There are short tenon Les Pauls and they deal with about 40% less wood contact compared...
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    Intonation on New Floyd Rose install

    Clamp something on the top of the guard on the cut line that you can simply run the dremel/random cutting tool along (this is called a fence). I think there are dremel bits available that cut the same diameter as the shaft .