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    What CAP should I use?

    Any cap will do. There are quite literally no rules to this.....If it's too dark to your ears, buy a smaller value cap (a higher tone pot k reading also does the same thing). Too bright, go the other way. You can often find bundles of various cap values for sale. I've used anything from .1uf to...
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    Pick too hot?

    A high k like that is really only obtainable with very thin wire. As such it almost always will be better at high gain as it tends to suppress the effect built in compression. An A8 magnet merely exacerbates the issue and the pickup is always 100% 'on' Maybe the only way IMO...
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    Lacquer with no plasticizers ?

    ^Sounds like a great one. The Behlen qualalac is brittle, but needs a catylist to start ambering. If I have some ambered stringed instrument stuff and mix it into the raw qualalac then this usually starts the process.
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    A new Warmoth build is in the works

    Could always just do a veneer and a regular TRC. The headplate to the right of the ruler in those shots has some great grain.
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    Lacquer with no plasticizers ?

    The nitro that was sprayed in the 50s is no longer. You can get a less flexible formula but it still doesn't resemble the old stuff. But......the best stuff I've got to Amber up in the sun, and the guitars which have checked the most consistently of all the ones I've made have been using the...
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    Tonal Benefit From Changing Pickup Selector Wiring?

    If you consider that your entire signal is generated/passes through the hair thin wire of the pickup, it is utterly inconceivable that changing from one massively thicker wire to another massively thicker wire will do anything. Misguided hyperbole aside, a good analogy is your signal strength...
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    Real or Fake? Ctaigslist 1957 LP Junior

    No, the vintage ones had potential intonation issues due to the excessive angle.....which at some point during the 50's was lessened. The stock lightning bolt t/p guitars got the very straight angle as they were obviously somewhat compensated.
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    2013 vs 2019 top carve

    Flatter won't make the bridge sit higher.......the abr is practically right at the top of the virgin maple slab however pronounced the curve is. What does make a difference here is: actual neck angle actual maple thickness small differences to either of these as mentioned are significant.
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    Is there such thing as a low db boost pedal?

    Ah, so you're not noodling or songwriting, you're actually playing your setlist over and over (to a backing track?!?) If you are using your regular pedalboard and don't really want to buy something new, maybe just bypass the boost pedal. That way you can still hit it for muscle memory, but not...
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    '59 LP Replica - One Piece Top?

    Yeah. To try and say you're definitively going to hear any difference on a guitar you've not yet built (And therefore have zero clue about precisely how it will sound fullstop) is taking the piss in a big way. In fact this goes for any bit of wood you choose to make the guitar from. A Les Paul...
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    Buzzing coming from headstock (possibly tuners?)

    All you have to do is hold the tuners with one hand while you strike the strings to confirm/eliminate this. Loose trussrods or TR nuts are also another source of rattle
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    What CAP should I use?

    Type is somewhat irrelevant, value is important. Your current value is a stock sort of middle ground for humbuckers. If you want to change the tone a bit, then larger values are darker (both in a small way at 10, then much more as you turn down). But the tone circuit does not make the sound cut...
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    Is there such thing as a low db boost pedal?

    Wondering why you need a volume boost at all when there is nobody else that you need to be louder than. Also most boost pedals I've used will start off very low level. I've not yet come across one that does not start at unity or even below. And if you end up at unity gain, then what need is...
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    Struggling with SG-style set neck

    The flying v is the same. There is a little protrusion of the body.....a lip on the bottom as it were. But even if the neck did feature that lip at the bottom, you have still made it incorrectly as you guessed. The interface would have been a vertical/straight line on the side - not with a zig zag.
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    1978 Wine Red Left Handed Custom: Overpriced or just right?

    They don't make many, and they don't sell many (about what they make). Maybe they justify it that way (low sales), or maybe they have a huge market in the RH side, and the process to do a run of lefties (which interrupts the flow of the RH production more than merely changing a model) impacts...

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