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    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    many thanks for this BrokenToes. Drool, more GAS.
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    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    Absolutely, well said. I should know better and stop obsessing. Sometimes I forget which one I’m playing, they can sound so alike. Other times I swear I can hear a significant difference.
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    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    Thanks for the comment. I hadn’t heard of the ALS line but apparently these are the Chinese ones? Not knocking China but I hope this blown up format of the same picture clarifies. You’ll see the sane background to the right (brown fence).
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    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    Thanks. I struggle with uploading pics on MLP... the only way I know how to do it is by emailing myself the pics and then I get an error message saying “File Too Big” so I have to choose “Small Picture format” on my old iPhone, which doesn’t allow much detail. I’ll try again, just the one pic to...
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    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    Nice to see so much Tokai love. Since gazing at a Jimmy Page photo I had as a 10 tear old Meat Loaf and Beethoven fan, I always wanted a Gibson but could never justify or afford one. About 10 years ago I bought my first Les Paul, a brand new Edwards E-LP 92, a fantastic instrument. About 5...
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    Anybody try Obsidian solderless harnesses?

    Yes, I agree it’s not as easy as “plug, play and enjoy” as they advertise. Very fiddly and just as time-consuming as soldering , seeing as I had to take out the pot knobs and screw them in again.... They should really redesign the connector block bigger and higher and situate the ground...
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    NGD: 2012 LP Traditional

    Fellow Trad (2014) owner here but your top is foxier.? I hat a beautiful axe. You sticking with the ‘57s? Mine’s a tubby 9.9lbs... how much does yours weigh in at?
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Thanks RK and in total agreement. I have a mid heavy, round sounding chambered Les Paul Standard 2009 and due to guitar’s warm inherent tone, the usually ice picky and brittle stock Bursbucker Pro bridge sounded great, but the matching BB Pro neck sounded muddy and woolly now matter how I...
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    Any budget alternative to the Rewind PAF-1?

    Great news OP, It is such an awesome feeling when you do your research, you take a chance, and the results are exactly what you want for your guitar. You’ve got some great pickups for life there!
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Thanks RK, very interesting view in light of the 59 Tribute love one sees so much of. My Trad ‘14 was my second Les Paul ever (purchased stock in 2015, and first Gibson, I now have 4 LOL) and back then I didn’t know squat about electronics.... I just wanted to get my first to sound like it’s...
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    Real Gibson Flying V?

    Maybe the OP could buy it, mod it with EMGs and deck it out in Yellow and Black to sell to a Stryper cover band axe player....:hippie:
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    Delay Recommendations

    For my needs, the humble Marshall Echohead delivers everything I want and could ever need (except for 2 separate delay channels, which my singer wants but I don’t need!). Small and robust, flexible as hell and super easy to use as a Set and Forget unit, it is brilliant and more than good...
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Fellow Trad ‘14 owner here RK. Did you get a chance to try out the stock 59 Tributes after the harness upgrade? Thanks!
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    peavy classic 50 vs. blues junior

    Have you thought about getting yourself that $100 Brugera Power Soak attenuator, if you have the dough? It might make you fall in love with your Classic 50 again. I had a similar issue with a Classic 30 that despite a speaker change, was still too middy and muddy at bedroom volumes. However I...
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    Anybody try Obsidian solderless harnesses?

    Sorry I missed this post Paul 86... since then I’ve bought 2 obsidian wire harnesses and they really breathed life into my les pauls!

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