Angus Blackmore

Grew up in various countries, including Chile, England, Uruguay . . .

Going out, playing guitar, reading.
Goldsmiths University of London


LS135Q 2003 dark cherry quilt, pickups: Iron Gear Blues Engine n/ Axesrus “Purist” humbucker b;
Edwards Les Paul Laquer Taste 108 2010 Lemon Drop stock;
Gibson Les Paul Standard 2009 with upgraded with pre slotted Tusq cream nut, Obsidian Wire solderless split coil loom, and modded Seymour Duncan Full Shred n; Seymour Duncan Custom Custom b. My no 1 at the mo.
Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2014 heritage cherry burst, upgraded with Iron Gear Blues Engine n/ Axesrus “Purist” humbucker b and pre slotted Tusq nut;
Gibson Les Paul Bill Kelliher Signature Halcyon
, with an Obsidian Wire Les Paul Split Coil Solderless Wiring Loom; and Seymour Duncan 59n/JBb;
Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cut 2004, upgraded to Iron Gear Blues Engine n/ Dirty Torque b humbucker set; CTS 550 Vol Pot (from Bareknuckle) and Russian PIO K40Y-9 cap.
Charvel MIM San Dimas 2016 stock

Main Drive Pedals: T Rex Dr Swamp (No 1); Suhr Eclipse Galactica (No 2), Rivera Dual Shaman (No 3).

Amps: Fender Super Champ XD; Fender Hot Rod Deluxe; Marshall DSL 40c; Peavey Classic 30 Black Tolex w/ UK made Celestion G12 H 30W; Positive Grid Spark Amp

Bands: Stonethief (punchy melodic alternative rock)

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