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    Well I love the USA line LPs heavy as hell (heavy 70s and 90s LPs) but I love the custom shop LP lightweight... not the same sound, not the same weight research.... and there s always exceptions to any rules, that s why we love them so much, it seems they re all different :)
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    Relic/Aged Top Hat Knob shortage

    I m taking advantage of this post. I m searching for years but I can t find, do anyone here knows where I could find gold/black reflector or witch hat knobs that looks really gold ? Like on the custom LPs from the 68/77... all I can find is a kind of faded gold, almost silver... aged or not I...
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    1994 Murphy Painted LP R9 Yamano Selected: Keep or sell?

    Would you accept a $500 offer ? Pleaaase Sorry I m already out... Seriously, if you like it and you don t need money, just keep it.
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    Les Paul Help in Identifying

    This one is from the 12th of january, 1994. I don t like the finish on this one but every 94 studio LP I played was amazing guitars, far better than a standard from the last 15 years.... just my opinion.
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    Should I Double-Cream It....?

    Go for double creams, the best choice to my opinion... and I ll add Faber aged hardware Seriously, double cream, you won t regret that !
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    Cleaning And Maintaining A Maple Fretboard

    You should try Fret Butter for cleaning, it works with maple and it smells like a new Gibson guitar in case ;)
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    Les Paul Classic to 56 Goldtop Makeover/Conversion

    Amazing work ! Congrats ! Can t wait to see the final result
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    Did I Just Buy A Fake Les Paul Custom? 2003 LPC Content and Pics

    It s a real one, I never saw a fake with binding over the frets... toggle has probably been changed, may be the nut too.... six holes on the toggle cavity ? May be it s been redone to fit perfectly. A lot of Gibson has this kind of logo, this is caused by air under the clearcoat, really...
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    What's The Best Sounding Les Paul You Played?

    I have a 94 studio which is amazing, excellent year, excellent guitars ! :)
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    Would You Say The Last Couple Years Were The Best In a Long Time for Gibson USA Quality?

    Some good guitars were done in every year, a lot of bad too, I have a 2009 triple stain standard which is amazing, a good 2012 traditional etc. But concerning the USA line, in my opinion, 2002 is the last year about real quality on most of the Gibson models.
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    What's The Best Sounding Les Paul You Played?

    Hard to choose but I would say these ones.... 99 elegant silverflow 72 ri custom 54 89 ri standard 59 with Skatterbrane pups and Page wiring 00 lp standard (customised)
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    Post The 1 Guitar and Amp That You Would Take With You to a Deserted Island for the Rest of Time

    This 69 SG Custom, everything is possible with it. May be with a JTM45 :)
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    When You've Thought It Couldn't Get Worse...

    Looks like the Jackson roswell guitars from the 90s, what a new and modern idea !
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    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    Not sure which one is the most expensive or if they re the most expensive guitars I have but I love them all so much that I couldn t tell a price for it :) 1983 lp Spotlight 1969 es330/brazilian rosewood Crest gold 1972 lp 54reissue

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