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    jokes & funnies.

    only the good ones
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    Strange Guitars, A Les Paul BFG

    I call mine Big Fukkin Geetar....
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    Protester at NFL game gets clobbered

    he barely touched him/her/she/it...
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    Considering stepping into the world of Gibsons, is it worth it?

    I have “cheaper” geetars that are amazing… They still aren’t a Gibson. I’m not the biggest Lester Paulson fan and my most expensive one is a BFG, if I ran across a carve top DC, I’d probably take a deep dive.
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    Where Does the Tone Come From in a Guitar Amplifier?

    tone goblins... fukkin duh!
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    The Munsters

    not knowing anything about it, I clicked on it last night... made it less than 10 minutes in... What a waste of time that was... worst acting/characters, worst cinematography. a group of 3rd graders with no budget could have done much better, and made something watchable... Hocus Pocus 2 is...
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    jokes & funnies.

    I'm offended it doesn't specify shot or slugs....
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    Strange Guitars, A Les Paul BFG

    I like mine
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    Dubious musical tastes…

    We told a local restaurant we weren’t going back because they kept playing crap cuntry every time we we there. they are no longer in business
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    Remove the stink from a Les Paul?

    I had a stinkin ass German Warwick bass. I wiped every nook and cranny with baby wipes. not sure what they would do to 70 year old nitro, but anything is better than the funk....
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    jokes & funnies.

    FM radio too! fucking Gen Xer's
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    What shop will have the most Martins on the wall?

    A friend of mine had I think an hd-28:Martin, and tha was the sound I had in my head when I “discovered” my J45… Now those two geetar‘s have spoiled me for anything else…. My friend passed some time ago and I have no clue what happened to his guitar.
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    What shop will have the most Martins on the wall?

    23?years ago or so I had my heart set on a Taylor 814 or something like that. I finally had enough money from eating ramen for a year. I woke up at the dawn of crack and headed to geetar centre Hollywood. I was so damn excited I got there a full hour before they opened… Just down the street...
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    jokes & funnies.

    Best strip club is/was in Hesperia, CA. not a full set of teeth when added together among the strippers..... (customers too)

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