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    NGD - 60th R9

    Congrats !! Great lookin´ guitar ! I love that the flames go upwards on one side - it gives it personality ! :thumb:
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    FIRE Bombs!

    Only the very best - as always ! :dude:
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    Vintage LP Heaven: Play It Loud! Exhibit at The Met (pic heavy)

    Super cool stuff !! Thanks for posting !!!! :applause:
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    Redeye on The Tonight Show

    Great !!!! Thanks for posting !:applause::dude:
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    Another NGD: Amber Burst R8

    Very NICE ! I love the flecks !!
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    NGD: Les Paul AFD signed and aged #69

    Sweet Lord of mine !!! One of the best tops I have ever seen !!! :dude:
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    NGD 2017 R9 Les Paul TH Spec Dirty Lemon Limited Run

    Super NICE !!! Congrats ! I looks a lot like my 2014 R0
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    1968 Gold Top

    That is sooo cooool !!! I used to have a 1968 gold top with crown headstock (july 1968). I miss it !
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    FS:2017 R9 Brazilian Les Paul VOS

    Oh YES !!!
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    FS:2017 R9 Brazilian Les Paul VOS

    Love that top !!! Whats the weight ? Rock on !
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    Gibson ‘running out of time — rapidly’

    The reason for Gibsons problems is right here - nuff´ said :
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    When You've Thought It Couldn't Get Worse...

    I hope they come with the auto tuner and the wider fretboard :)

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