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  • jesper, i got your email. it always comes in as "unkonwn sender" so I can't "reply" it just kicks it back to me " failure to send"..computers..ugh.. I'm doing okay as i can . look forward to your call pal. jk
    jesper, thank you so much . I'm not in a position to turn down any help pal. my daughter elizabeth is handling things for me so if you could email her she can get you the info . [email protected] still can't get my emails to send to you. have to use the forum . love you brother..jim
    got youre email pal. means so much to me to have a friend that gets it. for soom reason your emails come to me as ''unknown sender'' and when I ''reply'' it fails to send to you. damn computers..why i had to use the forum. maybe you know what to do. i'm an old savage at that stuff. I'll try to call you pal. do the same.. my number is 1 269 729 4407.. jk
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