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    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    Worst: Epiphone Electar 10 Best: 1978 Marshall JMP 2204 combo & Mesa Boogie Mark V
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    So, What'cha listen to today?

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    NAD - Marshall DSL20HR

    Cool tune! guitar sounded great!
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    The Official Line 6 Helix Thread

    You can run it without a daw using Savihost. I use it that way often with no issues.
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    Saga, then and now.

    I remember when "Worlds Apart" came out i bought the cassette and completely wore it out playing it so much, every track on that was golden.
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    Axe FX III !!!

    I'd be lying if i said i wasn't a bit envious , i didn't get one the waiting list until after 8:00 pm on the first day , so it may be a while before i get an invite. Really looking forward to your thoughts on it!
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    Axe FX III !!!

    Awesome! Your gonna be styling!
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    What are you OUTRAGED!!!!! about?

    I'm outraged that this legend is not playing a city near me!
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    Axe FX III !!!

    Just saw Fractal offering a few AxeFX III's at "skip the wait list" pricing of $3499.99 on their web store.
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    Anyone using Amplitube 4 for recording guitar? Any other suggestions?

    Same here Helix Native is the bomb!
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    The Positive Grid Bias Thread

    Yeah its too bad really because it has so much potential and can sound really good. I bought in early and had high hopes but unfortunately Positive Grid does not seem interested in catering to the guitarist that wants a all in one modeling solution. They seem set on making you buy into their...
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    I always felt the same way whenever i s Yeah i never liked Behringer stuff either , couple pieces i had in the past were pretty much crap. They have been stepping up their game recently, I gave them another shot and just picked up the Behringer Model D (minimoog clone) definitely a game...
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    Craving clean tonez

    For great tube cleans and reverb that hold together most of the way to 10 one of my favs is a 1966 Ampeg Gemini Vi they can be had pretty reasonable.
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    The Official Line 6 Helix Thread

    Upgraded my computer last night so I spent the morning re-configuring my setup so i can use Helix Native as another stereo multi FX processor for my synths as well as guitar. So far its so good. Helix seems to be a jack of all trades. :thumb:
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    $9,500 Fender Custom Shop Hot Rod DeVille

    It's almost as if people aren't even trying anymore. Their just going through the motions. Sad

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