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    FS: Completed DIY Pedals

    Im interested in the Lovepedal Les Luis clone, How did it come out? Do you think it does a good job of emulating the old tweeds like the real Lovepedal?
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    WTB Sidepull Tremolo

    I realize its a long shot but Im looking for an old Sidepull temolo that someone would be willing to give up for a halfway decent price. Let me know if you have one you will part with :fingersx:
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    WTB FAT Telecaster Neck (Maple)

    Still Neckless :/
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    Capacitor and Pot question for Tele Build

    I'm building a Tele right now that has a Pat. Number humbucker in the neck and a regular Tele bridge pickup and I curious about a few things. From what I have read, a 250k pot will make the neck muddy but the bridge fine, but a 500k pot will be good with the neck but take away a little bit of...
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    WTB FAT Telecaster Neck (Maple)

    Looking to buy a baseball bat sized, maple Tele Neck for a Tele I'm building. Has to be big and have a maple board. Would love an old one, even if not very large, for the right price. Otherwise preferably something already reliced up a bit. Let me know what you got and how much you want...
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    Jimmy Page les paul

    theres literally an entire thread (one of the largest on here I believe) devoted to pictures of ALL of his les pauls.... Seriously, take two seconds to look.........
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    L.F. LovePedal Purple Plexi

    BUMP bump BUmP Anyyy body got one?
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    L.F. LovePedal Purple Plexi

    Curious if anyone has a LovePedal Purple Plexi they would like to sell? Hopefully cheaper than ebay prices but let me know anything you have. Also curious about other Lovepedal models, nothing in particular. Nick :hippie:
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    Just scored this SPECIAL...

    Nice score dude!! The gold is kinda cool! Let me know if you decide to dump the grovers when you get it
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    Rock and Roll HOF Guitars

    I went right after they had just inducted Skynyrd into the RRHOF and I'll never forget when me and my cousin ran to their display, dropped to our knees, and started chanting " we're not worthy, we're not worthy" completely simultaneously and unplanned haha It was just beyond incredible to see...
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    Duncan Antiquities, any good?

    Don't mean to get off topic but for the record Derek was using Sheptones for a while and now has real PAFs in his SG The antiquities seem REALLY nice though, Ive heard nothing but good things about them
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    Recomend me a Clean Boost?

    Im getting curious about clean boosts, what are you fellas suggestions for them? Boutique is cool, whatever sounds good. Post vids too if you got em! Thanks!
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    '74 Fender Strat: opinions please

    Sweet Home was NOT recorded on a 70s strat, not even close.

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