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    Foster Family Refuses to tell children Easter Bunny is real; Children removed

    Wait. What? The Easter Bunny is not real????!!
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    Cruise missiles fired into Syria

    E probably won't know much more until tomorrow morning. Latest I saw reported was 43 missiles fired,......all at runways. Wonder if we "missed" any of them?
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    Wonder Woman should have arm pit hair

    So many women desperately want to become men. Men are all growing beards now, so women want to grow hair anywhere they can, including downstairs and under the arms. They are already over-eating, drinking, smoking, and tatted up like a burly man returning home from serving in Vietnam, so...
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    Congrats! (Because, living in Ireland, you do not have too obide by the laws of the USA) If you were thinking about getting married and living in the US, this would be a very different post.
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    Need a New Mattress... leaning towards Latex or...

    In the same boat. Almost bought a Loom & Leaf today. Read quite a bit on memory foam mattresses. Only reason why I didn't is because memory foam beds have a reputation for sleeping hot, and I cannot sleep if I'm hot. Many of the new foam beds now incorporate gel into the foam to help negate...
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    NGD: NOS Joe Perry Boneyard

    Absolutely beautiful. Perfect top. It's a keeper. Congrats! I had the Epi version, but sold it. Wasn't close enough to the Gibby version for me to keep. (Unlike my 1st issue Epi Ace Frehely Epi that is VERY close to the Gibby version.)
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    THR 10 or Marshall Class 5?

    I have the THR10x and love it. It may be the perfect practice amp. Just turn it on a nd quickly get any sound out of it you want. Forget about it not being a valve amp. You'll never know the difference by listening. The sound quality is that good. Also, forget about the speakers "not moving...
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    NGD - R8 Lemonburst Aged!

    She's a looker. Congrats.
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    Steven Segal

    A couple of the funniest Segal stories that never get old.
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    RIP San Diego Chargers

    San Diego fans just got Modell'd. The NFL must be like a drug, because everyone knows it stands for No Fan Loyalty, but people won't stop going to games, buying season tickets, and buying jerseys.
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    Trade for a Slash Sunburst Piezo VOS, HELP!!!

    You may be confusing the guitar in question foe another model entirely.
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    Trade for a Slash Sunburst Piezo VOS, HELP!!!

    I'd do it in a hot minute!
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    $30 Toll? WTF?

    America. The land of the free,.............if you can afford it.
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    Gary Moore's '58 LP for sale on eBay

    Without commenting on the actual value of the guitar, I'd venture to say most people have never heard of GM, or know any of his songs. Hell, there are people on this forum who don't know who EVH is.
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    I'm about to watch Rogue One!

    I saw the movie over the weekend, and it just cemented that I will not see another SW movie again. I think the SW affiliation is just too strong for some people and they will like virtually anything Disney rolls out there that is affiliated with SW. If you remove the SW affiliation from Rogue...

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