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    Sleep Apnea

    Hang in there. It took me about a year to figure out the setup that VERY MUCH works for me. I use a nose pillow, custom chin strap, and a neoprene strap that goes over my lips while I sleep. It took me a LONG time to figure this out, but now I sleep 6 to 8 solid hours without interruption...
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    Should I get a hollow body? .... or an SG?

    I'll throw down... I miss my Ibanez hallow body. My son has an Epi SG and it's horrifically terrible in terms of neck dive. It doesn't seem to bother him, but I can, in NO WAY, play that guitar. If it's an SG you go for I would totally avoid the Epi. and get the Gibson just for the body...
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    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    Worst: Line 6 Spider 5 (or whatever). WAY complex and all absolute crap. Best: Fender Twin Reverb
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    How do you deal with critical people?

    I've spent the last ten years removing toxic people from my life. In that time I've met some very genuinely great people. In that time I've become less toxic myself, which is great! I say... Don't fall in to the trap of hanging with toxic people. There's nothing you can teach them and they...
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    Tell HR, the Director, of "F" it...?

    Update: Today was my last day. I took a long drive after dropping off my laptop, etc. I woke up early to finish out a powerpoint deck for her. I spent a couple of hours on it then realized something... SHE'LL NEVER LIKE IT! "WTF am I doing?" I asked myself. I uploaded what I had and that...
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    Tell HR, the Director, of "F" it...?

    Thank you for all the advice. I had an exit interview with a director I've been close to for five years. Great guy and I didn't directly report to him. He was aware of issues with her and others. I gave him honest feedback and, right now, I'm at the point where he can do with it what he...
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    Tell HR, the Director, of "F" it...?

    My last day on the job (high tech Silicon Valley job with 50k+ employees world wide) is Friday (after ten years). Six months ago our group went through a lay-off, then re-orged. I was placed under a new manager. Long-story-short, she's a stark-raving alcoholic. I absolutely loathe this woman...
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    craigslister has potential

    This is good stuff. I like how you think!
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    Les Stroud films Bigfoot

    True or not, it's still a fun slice of Americana. We have a BF Museum here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The guy is super cool and it's a fun, quirky place to visit. If it's real, then WOW! If it's a hoax, then WOW (well played). Either way, it's very entertaining... Al
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    What's the fastest you've ever driven a car?

    My 1986 Porsche 911 coupe at Thunder Hill race track in Northern California (NASA track day). I'd driven at Sears Point and Laguna, but never got as fast as T Hill. I exited turn 15 (the last double apex, hairpin right on the main strait) and just NAILED the corner perfectly (it's a pretty...
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    Guitars That Have Surprised You

    My very first electric guitar is a MIM Strat. I had not played in in years (thank you Les Paul). For my birthday this past December my wife got me top-of-the-line Strat pickups. I waited until March to actually install them. OMG! I cannot put this thing down now. I just love the tone...
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    When you need to go for a drive

    I have a horrifically terrible boss right now. After yet another bad meeting in which she read everyone the riot act I got in the car and went for an hour blast around the mountain roads around here. I have an old car and she still goes like hell. It's the non-power steering, cable clutch, no...
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    Ford Cars?

    Interesting news. Ford makes their money via trucks and SUVs (good luck with current gas prices, FYI). The Mustang is iconic and an "image" vehicle, really. I doubt it's profitable by itself. Still, the Mustang is a great marketing tool. The cars (Fusion, Focus, etc.) simply don't have the...
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    dumba*s cop

    This is a really good point.
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    dumba*s cop

    The LEO should lose his job. Mentos is not the equivalent of a human's life. I belong to a firearms training institute and this is one of the things they teach their students with story-after-story. If the LEO isn't fired he should be put on leave with mandatory (re-) training. Al

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