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  • I don't even know if this is going to work, but I'll get straight to the point... Weird huh, but after 10 years I've decided this is not the place for me, it's changed, people have changed.. so I want out. Any way you can help with that? Thanks!
    There was a mistake I made trying to post from my mobile phone...things wouldn't work. Unfortunately, I stopped. When I got to my PC later I tried to correct it. It never worked out. Please delete the post:
    PLT parts not working out

    Everything eventually got sorted, and I came across completely wrong here.
    Alex, I'd like to discuss the behavior of one of your moderators. Paruwi acts like a bully and I find his behavior unacceptable. He creates threads and posts as a user, when someone disagrees with him or questions him, he suddenly begins to act as a moderator...either banning people outright or restricting them from his thread.
    Hi Alex! How are you doing? Hope all is well. I have created my first thread yesterday asking for some help identifying a particular Yamaha LP, and the folks that replied have advised me to ask the mods to move the thread to the "other single cuts" forum. I've started it in the "Vintage Les Pauls" forum. Could you please move it to the "Other SCs" forum? Thanks!
    Alex, please remove the temporary lock on my acount. It's been well over two weeks, thanks..
    This is done.
    Hi Alex, Can I ask why My For Sale: BUZZ Singlecut was taken down but another members BUZZ Singlecut still remains for sale???? Totally Unfair!!!!!
    just asking some questions about whether you know anything about the museum or if you would be interested in attending it. Also, would it be possible for me to post a survey as one of the forums to see if any members have had any interactions with this museum and Les Paul's hometown. Thank you.

    Kyle Govan
    Hello Alex,

    My name is Kyle Govan, and I am doing strategic planning for the Waukesha County Museum in Wisconsin, home to Les Paul and one of the biggest historical collection of Les Paul guitars and other related materials. I was wondering if you would be willing to do an interview about the museum, we can do it over the phone or just via messenge
    I messed up registering my username "Randall E. Spann", I wanted just "Randy". Can you change?
    Your username was changed per your request.
    Hi Alex- Richie Rtbinski here (Chicken Wing). I am not able to use the site; I can log on but I have "insuffiscient privileges" to post or reply. I don't know what the problem is. I am not banned. I was a premium member and have contributed donations in the past. Would you be kind enough to reset my account or trouble shoot this problem foir me as I would like to become active again, Thanks-Richie
    Hi Alex,
    I had a 30 day suspension which is no longer in effect.
    Could I have my post and reply privilege restored?
    I did contact Paruwi first, but the option is still not working.
    Thank you.
    Hi Alex. I’m looking to change my user name. Can you do this for me? Cheers.
    Yes, please PM me your new username and I'll make the change for you.
    Alex, can you please contact me via email. I was banned from this site and not sure why. Was hoping to resolve any issues so I can continue forum access. My email is

    Hi Alex

    Paruwi recommended I contact you. I wanted to share some images with your members of a couple of guitars I've designed Please let me know if I can share them and how much it would cost. I mainly want to get feedback from the community rather than advertise but happy to pay something if community rules require. Please let me know how to proceed and upload images. Thanks

    James Lamerton
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