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  • Hi Alex,

    I was just wondering if you had any late 50s les paul plastics available for sale (poker chip or M69 rings, in particular). Let me know and many thanks!

    Hi Dan, I have two sets black 50's M69 rings only, if you're interested. I'll have to check if I have a vintage poker chip but I doubt it. For any questions or comments, please PM me directly or email to: alex(at) Thanks.
    HI, Alex. Lt. Dave has apparently revoked my forum priveleges when there's really no reason for him to have done that. It is very obvious if you read my latest interations that he has overreacted and misinterpreted things I've said. I request administrative intervention.
    Hi. Do you have a link I can look at? Email me at: alex(at)
    Contrary to what LTDave is stating, I never was warned nor aware it was a site infraction to post on old threads that spark my interest, I truly thought I was doing the preferred thing. Dave also states that I was doing this to irritate the mods after being warned, As stated I was never warned, and never have I defied an authority figure. I was truly banned unjustly,

    Thank you Alex.
    Hello Alex. I don't understand why I have been posting on topic messages and suddenly I have a message on the threads that I don't have sufficient priviliges to post here ? I have done nothing wrong and up until now have been posting content.

    Thanks, Steve
    Hey Alex - this guy is a scammer. Tried to sell me a 1968 Les Paul Custom for 2000 dollars. Says he bought it 6 years ago but I know the guy who actually sold this guitar.. and he sold it 4 months ago. Just a heads up. I have a million texts from him asking if I am going to buy it or not.
    the forum is under attack by a scammer. Check on your mods. Lt. Dave has been hacked. Scam classifieds are being posted. Member @coldsteal2 is hacked.
    • Haha
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    Thanks for the heads up. I received a very suspect contact from coldsteal2 regarding my WTB ad.
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