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    Post Guitars You Built

    One of the projects that turned my attitude towards pine and very old wood upside down. 150 year old barn board and baked maple. This project is already a year old, but in a week I will redeem it for myself.
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    What is the PAF sound?

    Yes, just like red guitars sound better.))
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    What is the PAF sound?

    Sorry, English is not my native language and there may be mistakes in my translation. I wanted to say that modern pickup factories do not care about the Voice of the vintage PAF, but only copy the construction and some materials. There is not one single detail responsible for the recognizable...
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    What is the PAF sound?

    There are a lot of details and materials on the frequency response of the pickup. Each of them is responsible for its own nuances. Modern pickup manufactures can make large batches of completely identical models, averaging all the small nuances. This is the same as with the manufacture of...
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    What is the PAF sound?

    Absolutely correct opinion. I agree with that. But here's what I learned from my own PAF sound research: A vintage pickup (PAF sticker) can have discrepancies in inductance, volume, treble cut due to different wire tension, but they all have the same voice that we hear in any amplifier, as...
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    Magnet storage?

    Magnets are usually stored in a stack. It doesn't really matter what types of magnets are in this pack. The main thing is that they must be charged. Depending on the type - alloy), the magnet cannot be charged more than its alloy allows. If the magnet is slightly demagnetized or does not...
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    Gibson '50-'60 serial number stamps

    Timing 10:20
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    Silkscreen frames LP model

    Frames In stock. LP model, junior, tv, special.
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    Silkscreen frames LP model

    Now available: LesPaul model; junior; TV; special with correct gold print logo
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    Silkscreen frames LP model

    Available LP model; junior; special; TV

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