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    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    might not be the best gig to show it out, watch out for flying bottles, i played a texas tour with chicken wire across the stagefront.We needed it,:mad:
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    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    I enjoy a good tribute band like "journeys" doing guess what....they work hard at their sound, and I like all the tunes.Its a thing.We had a very good Jethro Tull act when I was young.And a Hhumble Pie /Allman bros, cover band
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    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    In my 6 plus years on the road doing 100 or mor gigs a year I always cleaned and polished my guitars, many gigs were outdoor concerts.They still look good 35 years later.I prefer well maintained cars too, and always sell my cars at top dollar because they look and run great,
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    I like the strat style sounds of my mini humbucker Firebird. But in the '80s I was in a rock band signed to a contract to do a oountry sounding record album.I wandered into my local music store thinking I needed a twangy guitar, bought The Strat, gorgeous blue axe. On the road I learned to love...
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    1956 les Paul opinions on value of this guitar

    4k and they throw in the wood glue
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    2004 Epi '63 Firebird VII

    what wrong with those pickups?
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    2004 Epi '63 Firebird VII

    I love my looks amazing and the baby humbuckers are sweet,I cant play it anymore( had a stroke) what might it be worth? its early condition.
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    Epiphone Crestwood Custom (the new ones..)

    I had an original Crestwood the worst playing guitar I have owned.Maybe the new ones are bertter, I hope.
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    I'm sending my Les Paul to Gibson Repair for a nut replacement.

    yeah, well I sent my Audi back to germany for an oi change.
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    1969 LPC by eBay seller Rockkystar

    imhop I think youd be nuts to buy a guitar like thar on Ebay,Its not a bargain, and the reality is you never know what it truly is.The obsession with vintage makes little sense.Ive owned LP{ models since 1969, and there are plenty of great playing models from later years and other...
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    Lee Malia

    I love the look of the Malia model...I bought a 60 LP tribute and a n Epi firebird vii, both are great especially like rhe baby humbuckers on the bird.
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    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its like wearing pre holed jeans
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    why buy a Gibson?

    I don't see spemding up fo the big G when Epis are so fine now.I played in a band with a guy who owned a real pricey G like 6 grand worth, it didn't sound so great, my 62 Epi les tribute blew it away.Of course its the hands of the player anyway lol. ythat newish Epi with the ebony neck looks...
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    Review by 'Alansd' on item '1979??? Electra les Paul'

    Love them jap les models; not all but the matsumoko ones, elecrtra. ibanez, etc.I have a Vantage 335 style that is fabulous/

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