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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    This is odd for me to say here, but, I prefer my Strat to a carved top Les Paul. WAIT! I do prefer slab top Les Paul Jrs, and Specials to a Strat. Just can't bond to a carved top guitar.
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    Lifton Case And Cracked Tuner Knob

    I had a whole set that was on a brand new 60's Tribute. Gibson sent me a new set. T super glued them and plished them and put them on another guitar.
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    Post your Juniors

    The first two I no longer have. 2011 GC special run with a AT-1 humbucker (no pole piece nickel cover) an Epi 57 Reissue ( forgot the year ) with a GFS Slick 9.6k P90 and a rewire. The last is my PGK 58 replica with a Rio Grande Bluesbar P90 (alnico 2 magnets).
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    Your favorite "other" Gibson?

    My resurrected Melody Maker.
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    What music do you surf MLP to?

    Usually the TV is on.
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    DC Junior confusion

    BADMAN67 I voiced the same thing a while back. I Built a PGK 58 Les Paul DC kit. About $700 complete investment.
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    Anyone here into candle making?

    I wax potted a couple pickups, Does that count?When I was in my 20's , A friend of mine made candles like these in the video.
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    Birthday gift from google

    Happy Birthday! You have a couple on me, but, I'm close. I'll be 68 in January. We're pushing 70. If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself (I doubt it).
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    Frets won't seat

    Decided to have the refret done. How often am I going to do refret jobs? Anyway, here she is. Done for now. Plays and sounds great, after an alnico3 magnet swap. That's a Les Paul case. These aren't supposed to fit a Les Paul case. Fits perfectly. Even sits correctly in the neck supports. Home...
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    Great Bands You Only Got to See Once Before They Broke Up.

    Forgot the Dixie Dreggs. Tightest band I've ever seen.
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    Great Bands You Only Got to See Once Before They Broke Up.

    Hendrix, Deep Purple, James Gang, West/Bruce/Lang ,Mothers of Invention, Ten years After There are more, but, I have CRS.
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    Frets won't seat

    How much does a fret job usually cost, on average?
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    Frets won't seat

    I got the frets at Philadelphia Luthiers.
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    Frets won't seat

    Found this. Also found that he made them for sale. But when i went to the site, they weren't listed.
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    Frets won't seat

    Woo! Just looked at the crimper. A bit out of my financial range.

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