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    Black Friday Steals and Deals

    vox nu-tube amp-in-a-box pedals for 99
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    Black Friday Steals and Deals

    black Squier telecaster on Amazon for 135 Limited-time deal: Squier by Fender Bullet Telecaster - Laurel Fingerboard - Arctic White
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    Show Your Partscasters!

    I've had fun with a few strats! Here are where they stand now: 1) Fender MIM 2006 reverse headstock maple neck, kne guitars alder body, I painted it with see-through white poly gel and added a tantra decal, I made the pickups myself with A5 magnets using my own custom stagger and wound them...
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    SOLD: OX4 Humbuckers

    OX4 humbucker pickups set, low wind, A4 magnets, vintage braid 2 conductor, long legs, polished nickel covers never removed, 7.51k dcr bridge, 7.23k dcr neck, leads fit Gibson Les Paul with some to spare. Includes springs and screws. SOLD standard PayPal shipped CONUS
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    Electric City Pickups Hallowed Ground PAF & Harness

    @DocGid and @burstone might be interested
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    A favorite PAF sound: Steve Howe's ES-5 on Fragile

    absolutely. that's an amazing track on a great album. Also love the guitar sounds on the Yes album
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    Well, I finally got one! [R8]

    great guitar! congrats!
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    11 New OLD FEZZ Cds-For Free! Yes, Free!

    I love it, Fezz. Great energy, sweet guitar tones, terrific mix--I can hear everything, raucous but never harsh. good work there
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    R.I.P Alan White

    listening to Relayer in memoriam
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    SOLD: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucker set

    A set of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucker pickups SH-PG1n and SH-PG1b. Four conductor, black bobbins, no covers, short legs, includes springs and screws. Neck 12" lead 6.9k dcr, Bridge 12" lead 8.0k dcr. SOLD 120 PayPal shipped conus
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    Just picked up a tuxedo

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    Question for Amp Gurus

    Turn on the negative feedback? What amp is this? Quoting Rob Robinette ( ) The 5F1 amplifier uses negative feedback (NFB) to reduce distortion, increase headroom, decrease damping factor and improve stability but a drawback is it also reduces overall...
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    Les Paul Custom COPY

    show a pic of the bridge
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    WTB- 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T

    Hi NoHair, I bought my Standard as a husk from Stratosphere, so just the new body; they parted out all the components including the PCB. I don't know when Gibson stopped using the PCBs... Search this forum for more info, but this post ( Post in thread 'When did Les Paul Classics (and...

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