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    I think my house is haunted

    Sorry about your father. I'll emit you some getting-over-it energy beams! That chip on the top almost looks like the ghost is telling you to put a micro switch there for some cool gimmicks!
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    Jazz Bass

    Yay for bass builds! We don't get enough of them here.
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    Need Epiphone Repair Help!

    I think you mean CDO, the letters in aplhabetical order, as it should be. :D Looks like from the pictures the heel of the neck is way too high up. For example, the fretboard of my mate's PRS SE doublecut, which has a wraparound bridge, the fretboard is approx. 9mm at the body join fret...
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    Ethics Question

    I don't see why not. It's your work in the finishing, so I'd think it smart to number them, especially if you have a system like that to distinguish your own builds from refins. Don't see anything unethical about it.
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    Need Epiphone Repair Help!

    Didn't help, how? Measure the height of the fb at the join, measure the height of your bridge in its lowest setting, and put in "0" for "Increase In Top Height From Neck To Bridge". You obviously put too much wood in the heel of the neck, giving it zero or negative angle. Which is not a...
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    Nitro not attaching to wood?

    Looks to me like the glue from the neck join is acting up with the nitro.
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    Pickups acting weird

    What kind of pickups are you using? Any active electronics? Have you checked that the selector switch connects properly in all positions?
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    Tonewoods v MDF

    I'm interested in this as well. Had thought of building a beater guitar out of MDF with veneers laid over to make it prettier, and perhaps to take lacquer or paint better. Don't know what'd happen by spraying lacquer/paint directly on MDF.
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    Help a new builder!

    ^- What he said. Just start somewhere. The first build you do doesn't have to be perfect, you'll learn from the mistakes. And there will be plenty, no worries there. :D No matter which route you go, the less working the billet needs to become a guitar, the easier it'll be. A neck-through might...
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    Need Epiphone Repair Help!

    The simplest way for you is to use this calculator: Neck Angle Calculator - The Tundra Man Workshop Take the measurements from your guitar with the parts you're using, and you'll get the correct neck angle for that guitar.
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    Quality Inexpensive Hardware?

    I have their Mean 90 humbucker-sized P90's in my guitar, and they kick ass. Dead silent both alone and together, hot and gnarly when opened up but nice and clean when rolled down. I haven't tried their hardware, but I suppose it's as good as any. I have a Sung-Il roller bridge when the last...
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    What size piece of wood for a neck thru?

    Yeah, keep in mind the thickness of the blank needs to accommodate for neck angle as well.
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    Faux Buckers??? REALLY??? The crap that we deal with.. uugghh!

    I've seen that a lot in old Japanese cheap guitars, from the 70's and 80's. Friend o' mine had an ES-175 copy from a brand called Maison, with singles in hum covers, as did my first bass, a Japanese plywood-bodied EB-3 copy.
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    VOS finish - how?

    Yeah. Sand straight.
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    Quick finish question

    Mix your own from base dyes. Add drops of blue or carmine into your base red dye until you think you have the right solution. Then do a test run on a scrap piece.

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