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    Anyone ever figured out how to deal with ES335s with the notorious delaminating ply issue?

    I’ve never seen this before…. I don’t suppose you have a picture or 2 on this? (I have built a few guitars and do my own repairs etc, I have an es335 dot and you’ve peaked my interest)
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    1st Gibson, irresponsible not to buy this Les Paul Studio, player grade

    yeah that white is not going to age the same... it would bug the hell out of me! I'd strip it and repaint white... its rare to find a guitar that speaks - and this one apparently speaks volumes... put some effort it and not only will you be ok with it (assuming you know what you are doing) but...
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Personally I wouldnt have bought it as could be hard to sell going by the headstock logo + diamond inlay, alone... decisions made though and now its yours... Does it play great?... Do you really care if its got....issues?
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Looks good to me: I bought a honey burst exactly like this one back in 2008, mines super heavy so it lives in its case these days. This one has the correct serial font - Epi logo, correct tuners and plastics etc. the tailpiece should be the typical Epi stay on tailpiece and bridge. cavity...
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    The R9 Second Hand Market...

    Here's a pic for you. They exist alright, no doubt about it, but like the Sasquatch they are elusive little suckers! (Courtesy of Marks Guitar loft website) And from the Marshall forum
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    Procol Harum/Gary Moore 50's Les Paul - where is it now?

    Seems like a dead thread - and I just read why, this guitar was stolen from Gary in 1970 sometime, after which he used a 67/8 SG special that he had... Blooming' thieves!
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    Procol Harum/Gary Moore 50's Les Paul - where is it now?

    Turns out the vid I attached was 1970 - however looking at the guitar in a lot of the the 1968-70 Procol Harum vids on You-Tube the guitar was that odd red colour from the start of Rob T's ownership - but it had assorted pickups, it almost looks as if he left the pickup rings off so he could...
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    Procol Harum/Gary Moore 50's Les Paul - where is it now?

    Back when Robin Trower owned it before being sold to Gary Moore
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    Procol Harum/Gary Moore 50's Les Paul - where is it now?

    Hi all, Watching a cool Skid Row video from 1971 with Gary Moore playing this awesome sounded - extremely modified 1950's Les Paul Standard left me wondering - where is it now? Any ideas? Youtube link = Skid Row 1971 Beat-Club
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    Craig Chaquico court case in LA June 13 2016

    According to the internet he does get visiting rights :(
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    Les Paul newbie question

    You do know we are going to want to see some pics of it once you've purchased it :) PS: If you are unsure if the guitar is a real Gibson there is a very informative sticky in this forum to let you in on some of the easy to spot differences. Good luck
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    Just ordered: Epiphone JJN Gold Glory - I think these are rad

    Very nice guitar you've scored there! I have to say Epiphone have really nailed it with the Headstock design changes. I can really see Gibson sales taking a hit. I for one would be more inclined to buy a guitar like this than a Gibson custom, very cool looking guitar at a decent price!
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    Are the tops of Epiphone LP Customs still a decal?

    I've heard this before but have to agree with the others here that, although paint can be on the binding making it appear as though its a sticker, I've found the flame on my Epi Standard from 2007 is a really nice 3D veneer - you wouldnt think it was a veneer but it is... and yes does have...
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    Hendrix and a Les paul?? What did we miss

    Im jujst glad Jimi wasnt into using a talk box with his main rig. Can you imagine all of us havinig to have one of those on our boards......!
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    Roger Hodgson's LP

    Not easy finding pics of him playing it! But heres one shot: (double creams it would appear)

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