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    Jimmy Page 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 pickup Bigsby

    Theres a lot of info in this thread: Jimmy gets his Les Paul Custom back
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    1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Ebony Original Vintage

    I can certainly feel my mojo rising :cool2:
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    The Ebay "Fraudulant" Listing Thread! Sigh - body too thin, pickup rings are Epi style, truss rod cover wrong, headstock angle too shallow, headstock logo wrong for model... its...
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    Les Paul Centipede

    Gibson page on the model I have to say its a very attractive colour! - damn gas is starting to swell up again - Im outta here.... (uh maybe just one more peak before I go perhaps)...
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    Les Paul Centipede

    I believe they crushed up centipede legs to get the right hew in the lacquer..... :oops:
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    My '54 Refin

    You took a zillion pictures and we only get 3! (come on man - you must help feed my addiction!) In all seriousness this sounds like one hell of a great score.... can we please see pics of the cavities? (I do love seeing all their hidden bits)
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    spark amp

    I should mention it does have a voice command feature - so when you are playing you can speak into your iphone or android and say what amp/pedal you want.... that sounds ok to me as I hate looking down for the right pedal when practicing... I've got one onthe way too and sold a pile of unwanted...
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    Unsuccessful guitar safari

    Those ES335 Dots sound fantastic - and the 2 tone aqua bursts look way better in person - though might have been the one I saw... got myself a Natural dot late last year and couldnt be happier, a daily player and hard to walk past and not pick it up!
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    New Epiphone OR Used Gibson?

    I;ve got an Epi and Gibson Les Paul - both have their place and are great guitars, I also have a strat, tele and a new ES - personally I want to play a guitar before I buy, otherwise I always either sell it on soon after, or spend ages modding it to make it play the way I want. I might say with...
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    Epi Dot - pickguard mod

    I have to say too that these guitars sound absolutely fantastic - I did have to play a few to find "the one" and this baby just plays like butter and I've done nothing to set it up, never even considered a pick-up change. Straight out the box it was great! Between this, my strat, tele and les...
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    Epi Dot - pickguard mod

    Last fathers day my missus and the kids surprised me by letting me go out and spend some Aussie $$$'s on a guitar, - which was surprising as I have about 7 already, but I'd been gassing over Eric Claptons ES335 for some time, and had started saving up to buy the cheapest copy of one I could...
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    Prototype ?

    There doesn't appear to be a ground wire coming out to ground the tailpiece... or do they hide them under the metal plate? Serious question as I'm not familiar with this style of wiring. I'm sure it doesn't matter too much, very nice looking guitar btw - lovely top and colour! :)
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    New Epi Headstocks...... opinions

    I got an 335 Epi Dot from my kids last year for Fathers day, and it already had an open book style head-stock, so I imagine Epi must have been getting good reviews on that - even though it looks longish... Did they always have the open book style headstock (I see the Epi Sheraton has the...
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    FS:Gibson Duane Allman Signature Les Paul 2003 Hot Lanta Murphy aged 59 with Duane display Case,mint,super rare

    Guitar tech: "Hey Duane... I've done that refret... where ya want me to stick the old fret wire" Duane: "stick it where it fits" Guitar tech: "Ok Duane....." Beautiful guitar btw, bet she's a lovely player too.
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    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Personally he sounds like a player - or thinks he is anyway... hey always do the old 'confused' bit, play dumb, meanwhile they are sitting back drinking beer on your coin.... dont give him the satisfaction. Not sure how you paid but let pay-pal and eBay deal with him, dont accept any bullshit...