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    Farewell Threads.....I love 'em!

    No kidding? For a farewell thead? That doesn't break any rules does it? So a Bobbo can post a link to porn and administration hems and haws and RUNS A FREAKING POLL to determine if he should be banned. And Druid posts a farewell and gets 6 months? That makes A LOT of sense...
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    Gibson revolutionary announcement

    I heard Jimi Hendrix played a strat. Once. Damn thing caught fire. Talk about a crap guitar .... you play it, it catches fire. I know it's hard to beleive, but it's true. I've seen the pictures on the internet.
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    My Response to.....

    Same here. :thumb:
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    Who remembers thees guys?

    I remember thoos guys. :thumb:
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    Gibson Press Conference 10/28 in NYC [merged]

    :bitestongue: :waitsfortomorrow:
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    When things go wrong...

    Right. Much more interesting movie the other way. :thumb:
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    1928 Cell Phone?

    Finding stuff like what? The Baghdad battery kind of stuff? Come on man, even if it was a power supply, it's stone age technology. Carbon Dating is "ultimately flawed"? How so? The chemistry/physics of carbon dating are irrefutable. Care to expand on your issues with "100's of millions...
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    Another Thread Gone??

    Let me google that for you
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    ? about the Marshall Class 5 rattle problem The Amp sub-Forum (aka The Squawk Box) is a wonderous place. You should check it out sometime. :thumb:
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    Alaska's oil reserves

    Next time you should post a source in the first place. IMO.
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    Why Does it Hurt When I P?

    Haha! First thing I thought too. :laugh2: :laugh2: Feel better soon frankie. And stop dragging you dick in the dirt. :naughty: :fingersx:
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    Gibson Press Conference 10/28 in NYC [merged]

    Disappeared. A perfectly relevant and useful thread. And even the mods (or a mod) doesn't know why. Brilliant!! :rolleyes:
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    1928 Cell Phone?

    Ahhh, but there is one small problem with your theory. We can find remains of dinosaurs (160 million years ago), early man (4 million years ago), etc, but we HAVE NEVER found remains of an extremely advanced technological civilization. How can that be? A proposed solution: there was once a...
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    Gibson Press Conference 10/28 in NYC [merged]

    Gee. Maybe that'll be part of the announcement. Tomorrow. :rolleyes:
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    YouTube - Touching Another Dude Softly (TADS ) :hmm: Uhhh, .... I thought TADS were .... uhhhhm .... you know .... regular guys. ??? :confused:

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