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    Anyone ever have a neck shaved down ?

    OP, I was given some advice when I first got a guitar with a thicker neck, put every other guitar away and play only the new guitar for 2-3 weeks. After that time, pull the others out and see how it feels. I too thought the neck on my custom was too thick and cumbersome but now I prefer it over...
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    New Gibson Generation Acoustic Guitars Announced

    Gibson is basing this off of designs they had in the 50s-60s but didn’t produce. I don’t think Gibson was first then either but before this builder.
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    Original Les Paul Custom

    He didn’t invent it either…
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    Got a Rockerverb

    The RV MKIII is amazing. I have a combo and head version of it weirdly enough because of an odd trade scenario but I can’t bring myself to sell either. So much versatility while being simple. for those wanting to try an AD30, it is well worth it. I think the RV is a bit more flexible but the...
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    Please Help!! 3 Pick up Les Pauls I need your advice and stories Love or Hate?

    Depends on how you would use it. If you just like the look, then tones don’t really matter. A lot of people don’t use the middle pickup. I have a 3 pickup SG custom and it has been a really fun guitar to mess with different mods. I have landed on an always split middle pickup and the guitar has...
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    For Sale: 2011 Melody Maker with p90s

    Hey guys, selling my Melody Maker. This is from the run they did for I think 3 or 4 years ending around 2011. Open pore finish. I rubbed on a thin layer of tru oil and buffed it to give it a better sheen. Only real blemish I see is on the back of the neck. Small indent but not noticeable while...
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    Price drop: Gold Bigsby B3 with Towner Tension Bar

    Sorry about not replying. I didn’t check this for a bit. it mounts to the end pin only where as the B7 mounts to the end pin and top. It moves it further down the body to give a bit of extra space for the controls and tail piece break angle.
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    Price drop: Gold Bigsby B3 with Towner Tension Bar

    Thanks! I completely agree with the B7 issue on a LP.
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    2005 Gibson Custom Shop ES 339 opinions appreciated

    For sure! I put some low output pickups in my 359 and they seem to make a big difference. The 57 classics it came with aren’t hot pickups either but they seemed a bit muddy.
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    2005 Gibson Custom Shop ES 339 opinions appreciated

    I think so. Plus I think a 335 and Les Paul have some differences but for a lot of listeners (not players) they are quite similar. The 339 sits somewhere in between so splitting a somewhat small difference in half makes it even less so. and I agree, the 349 is a thing of beauty.
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    Decision help for 2nd guitar

    definitely a tele. You could cover similar territory yet expand a ton as well.

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