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    Finish issue with new V a concern?

    White Gibsons are VERY prone to this. I wouldn't be concerned about it personally because it is likely to do it again if you replace it with a white one. Also, don't feel bad you didn't catch it sooner. It probably happened over time since owning it.
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    For Sale: 2012 Gibson Custom Shop ES359

    TTT reach out with any questions
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    Double NAD orange ad30 and Marshall origin 50h

    AD30s are magic! I would make a case for the AD30 having very very nice clean sound depending on what level of clean a person is going for. If you dime the volume and then bring the gain up to whatever volume you want to play at, it stays quite clean and sparkly until it is waaaaaaay too loud...
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    NGD | Fender American Original Jazzmaster

    The Jag was tempting because of the short scale length but settled on the JM for the sound. Jags are really cool. I plan to swap out the 50k pot in the rhythm circuit for another 1 meg pot. The 50k pot is the equivalent of having the lead circuit tone on 5 so I can still get the rhythm circuit...
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    NGD | Fender American Original Jazzmaster

    Thanks! It has been a lot of fun getting the feel of this one. Yeah, the color really gets me yet. Thanks! Yeah the bound neck is a nice touch I feel. Some don’t like the bound neck but being a Gibson guy, it is a pro for me. I really hemmed and hawed over it for about a year. Didn’t think I...
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    Gibson ES Les Paul Limited Edition Pickup Choice

    I really like burstbucker pros. A lot of people dislike them but if you out BB Pros in a guitar and it is still dark, there isn’t much more you can do from my experience. 57 classics can sound great in the right guitar but I have found them to be a bit muddy on some. The BB pro swap has fixed it...
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    NGD | Fender American Original Jazzmaster

    I have been slowly adding more variety in my arsenal tone wise and felt the itch to get a Jazzmaster. I have played them some in stores but honestly went in blind. I have a buddy at Sweetwater and he treats me really well so I grabbed a new American Original in Ocean Turquoise. I have been so...
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    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    I too felt like Coachella is a pretty poor sample for analysis. That festival has been turning more and more for the affluent teens which is fine for them, just not really where the rubber meets the pavement. It would be similar to in the 90s looking at what guitars Duran Duran was playing. The...
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    Just got a sweet 3-pickup Custom and a serious question

    I have been playing around with my 3 pickup SG wiring trying to find the perfect balance for use. It can be a bit tricky to find ways to use it but being able to blend the middle pickup is key. It helps fatten the bridge pickup if you want more body and makes clean tones much sweeter in any...
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    For Sale: 2012 Gibson Custom Shop ES359

    You are right. It is the the 355 appointments on a 339 sized guitar. It has the 57classics. It has what they call the “Memphis circuit” but I am not positive what other guitars have that or how it is all that different.

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