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    Classical (nylon string) guitar ?

    Three things to consider and the budgetary effects: 1) Solid top or laminate? The price difference is sometimes not that great, and a solid top will have a better sound. 2) Pickup or not? If there are plans to play out with it, a pickup is a good idea. 3) Cutaway or not? Standard classical...
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    Your favorite love songs

    Love Bites by Def Leppard. Musically excellent with lots of tasty chords and key changes; stellar production with some really clever layered guitar parts; and a #1 single to boot. They pulled off the nearly-impossible trifecta with this one: they wrote a killer song with crafty musical...
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    Leave the singer at home...(Instrumentals)

    The whole song is great, but the guitar intro - wow.
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    I'm gonna race with the Devil tonight

    I know the feeling.;) With Al, I've definitely been guilty of trying to convince myself his playing lacked feel because of its perfection; but my real thoughts were that I was never going to be able to play like that. I'll share a quote of Al's from his Anthology CD regarding his early career...
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    I'm gonna race with the Devil tonight

    Before we had apps to slow down music for learning, I bought a Tascam CD Trainer, which did the same thing. It was also very interesting to hear how cleanly some players were, and vice versa. One of the first songs I slowed down was DiMeola's Race With the Devil... Al was basically a kid...
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    The Friday would thread

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    Full In Bloom podcasts

    I'm a big fan of his; he gives the best interview and unlike other podcasters, he never makes it about himself. He also does a magnificent job of not only finding interesting people to interview, but also getting them to reveal information that enlightens musicians. For instance, his...
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    Rock Tunes that You Can Dance to

    There is an inexhaustible well of 'dance-able' rock music from the 80's era bands. Keep in mind the main reason that music sold records by the millions is because of its appeal to women (which is what we're really talking about here). Those songs were blared endlessly in strip clubs while...
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    Best Sounding Rock Albums

    I'll second that and also throw in Pyromania. Obviously the uncountable layers give it a larger-than-life sound, and the musical production work is obviously incomparable. I listen to the opening of Hysteria's first cut Women, and it's sublime. Even harder to fathom Mutt Lange layered all...
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    Kensington Philadelphia The real world Zombieland

    Great post, SteveC, and very informative. I lived in Philly/Center City 1986-90 and loved it. Though at least 12 years away, I've considered returning when I retire. Affordability will be very important, so I have been pleasantly surprised that it's possible. But you bring up a crucial point...
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    Kensington Philadelphia The real world Zombieland

    There was a 'sweep' on Kensington Ave. last week. Many tents were cleared out and there was/is a more noticeable police presence. The El stop at K & A is already a mess again, but other parts have remained mostly clean (though it's been less than a week). I haven't been to Philly in years...
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    How do you tryout pedals?

    Usually I hear a sound on a record that I wish to incorporate into one of my own songs. Since I'm more or less obsessed with pop/rock from the 70's and 80's, I have a couple of things going for me. First, most of the time what I'm looking for isn't going to be too esoteric. Boss pedals were...
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    Any Traditional Lovers Here?

    I have a 2016 Traditional, which was my first Les Paul. It'll also likely be my last, as I can't imagine ever preferring another guitar over this one! It's superb in every way, and an absolute joy to play.
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    String preference?

    My first Les Paul, a 2016 Traditional, came with Gibson strings, gauge 10-46. I was very happy with them, so I continued using them. The Gibson string packaging said "Humbucker Special Alloy Wound," implying they would be ideal for a humbucker guitar. I didn't notice anything unique in that...
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    Tasty Pentatonic Soloing

    SO many great examples from the classic rock era, even in songs/places one wouldn't expect. The opening solo in this Pablo Cruise track is a current favorite. Everything about it is spot-on - phrasing, vibrato, note choice, articulation, etc.

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