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    NGD - Mod Collection 1958 Flying V Piezo

    Here'a a few quick samples. Apologies in advance for the playing, I am not a professional musician or anything close. This is a quick sample of the guitar alone with the Piezo volume at 10 and the Neck pickup split and volume at 5 to add some warmth: This one is a couple loops of the...
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    NGD - Mod Collection 1958 Flying V Piezo

    I kind of expected that too! I'm not normally a fan of pearloid at all, and I fully expected to resell this one when I got it, but... it looks way cooler in person that I was expecting! It's just so different from anything else I have, I've had a hard time putting it down. I've been...
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    NGD - Mod Collection 1958 Flying V Piezo

    I managed to grab the single-pickup Flying V that's been in the Gibson Mod Collection banner for the last couple weeks when it went up for sale last Wednesday! I have to say, this guitar is way more unusual than I was expecting, but it's great! It's a 1958-style Mahogany Flying V, but...
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    Post Your Unburst/Honey Burst /Light Burst - Unburst Lovers Thread

    One R8, one R0 in direct late-afternoon sunlight:
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    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    For my home setup, a Princeton Reverb w/ a 10" alnico Jensen set at about 2.5 on the volume knob, a clean Strat is about 67 db on average (82 at peak) and a Les Paul w/ OD is about 83 db on average with peaks as high as 97db. I cannot imagine comfortably playing any louder in a home environment.
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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    Wow, gorgeous top on that one! I'm jealous.
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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    Thanks for all the feedback in this thread! I'm glad to see that people like it! It's actually not too bad, about 8.2 lbs according to my scale. Considerably lighter than my 2010 R8. I am very happy with the neck profile on the 1960 V1, it's just about perfect for me. I never cramp up...
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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    It sure did, It's the 60th Anniversary V1 model. Thanks to everyone for the information in this thread. I think I'm going to keep the pickguard on, but it's nice to know that the shadow is a special feature of the finish. That definitely makes it cooler in my opinion, and makes me glad I...
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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    I took the pickguard off of my 2020 Antiquity Burst R0, since I was considering going pickguard-off for a while to better show the figuring on the top, and I was surprised to find that the color under the pickguard does not match the rest of the finish. It is brighter and more red, like a...
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    I'm 34 as well. I have two reissues (2010 R8 and 2020 R0) and a historic 2018 dc figured.
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    Why is the ‘59 ‘burst so highly coveted?!

    So your '76 Deluxe would sell for $450,000 because it's a superior instrument to a '59 burst? The OP was asking why the '59 is so highly coveted. Right or wrong, it's because of the reputation the late-50s bursts obtained starting in the late 60s through the 70s and 80s when they were compared...
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    Why is the ‘59 ‘burst so highly coveted?!

    I think this is the real answer. The ones from the 58-60 looked cool and had 50s specs (solid bodies, PAFs, ABR-1, etc) and then they went out of production in favor of the SG. The SG was a very different instrument and people who liked the look, feel, weight and sound of the Les Paul were...
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    PRS Vela Bridge Pickup Swap

    Back in March, I ordered a limited-run (1 of 5) PRS S2 Vela Semi-Hollow with an ebony fretboard and bird inlays: I have a 2015 solid-body Vela as well, and I love the guitar, but the Starla SE humbucker in the bridge never really worked for me. In that case, I swapped it out with a Bare...
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    Owners of Mainline Gibson Standards AND Custom Shop R 8,9,0.

    I recently had a similar debate with myself, believing that some of the most well-regarded Gibson USA models would be as good (or even better) than a Custom Shop reissue. As such, I bought a 2005 Les Paul Standard Faded that had the Corsa Conversion from CV Guitars. It was on Guitar Chimp and...

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