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    N.O.G.D. Tokai LS-320

    Hey! I just saw this at the online shop, is that your guitar? The figure on that top looks pretty much the same: Tokai Guitar - LS320 VF 2002 #A13
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    Need Help! Identify Tokai Model

    Thank you very much :) Well, the previous owner replaced the stock pickups with a pair of Florence Voodoo 59's, but I think I can live with that :D Sounds pretty awesome!
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    Need Help! Identify Tokai Model

    Hello everyone! Well, I need a little bit of help with this one :) A couple of days a go I pulled the trigger on a Tokai Loverock. Serialnumber says it's a 2005 model, but the previous owner couldn't tell me what exact model it is. Specs: Serialnumber: 0510*** (7 digit) "Made in Japan" stamp...

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