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    Counting the Budokans...

    I wish as well. Got legal issue about wrapped up from my Dads estate from 4 years ago and a few K left on it. My Mom passed away in April and about 2400 left on it so kinda strapped at the moment. This and medical issues pending it ain't looking pretty!
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    Counting the Budokans...

    Well with much regret Budokan #185 might be going on the for sale block! I am pending an operation, 7 bulging discs in my neck cause nerve impingement in my left shoulder, tennis elbow in my left arm, needless to say neck issues. Have had them for about four years now and surgeon said back...
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    NGD Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Goldtop

    Simply the best looking Goldtop on the market IMO!
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    whats the Holy Grail of Epiphones ?

    What does the finish have to do with anything? Nitro doesn't make it a better guitar anymore than poly does! :hmm:
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    FS: Epiphone ES-175 Premium

    GLWS! She is a Beauty!
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    Korina Explorer - Lots of Pics

    Beautiful! Nothing looks better than a Korina finish on an Explorer! I'd take that pickguard off and put a replacement on it since JB signed it if it were me :thumb:
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    Son's New Epi SG Special

    I bought my Son years ago a Goth SG, needless to say he never did pick it up. Fast forward to this Xmas I just bought him a 5 piece Tama drum set. Guess we Will see where that goes. Hopefully your Son will pick it up.
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    NGD! new Epi G-1275 doubleneck

    Age takes its toil cause when I seen RUSH in 78 neither Alex or Geddy had any issues with the doublenecks at all and during the R40 tour yes they looked cumbersome. Still they played and sounded great. :thumb: love doublenecks!
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    NGD: Epiphone ES339 Pro P90

    That is beautiful! I bet that sounds amazing with those P90's! Congrats and belated HNGD!:applause:
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    G-400 Pro vs. Iommi SG

    Are those Gotoh tuners?
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    Epiphone Les Paul Custom... Maple Veneer?

    Another that made that specific claim are The 2012 Budokan Customs are listed on Epiphones website as a period correct 3-piece hard Maple top/cap. Of course these are beautiful plain tops as well. When I replaced the pup rings on mine it was easy to see that thick maple top/cap.
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    whats the Holy Grail of Epiphones ?

    I can second this but I didn't wanna be accussed of being biased because of owning one but lets just put it this way. I bought a 16 Gibson Standard T, which was a phonomenal Lester, but not so much more phonomenal that I was willing to keep it compared to my Budokan, so I returned it...
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    NGD: LP Special I in TV Yellow

    :thumb: HNGD and Congrats! Schweet! :applause:
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    Counting the Budokans...

    To late I didn't think to do that! All I know is they are perfect with this fix. So glad again you persued Grover!:thumb:
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    Learning Scales - How long should it take?

    You only are gonna get what you put into more no less. We all have been where you are. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, but if you persevere and just don't get discouraged you will be successful in time. Some things come easy. Some things quickly. But overall it isn't...

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