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    Undercut Fret Over Binding

    I could never stand the fret nibs and I've had to fix 'em (gap between the nib and fret) on several Gibsons. The first thing I did on my LP was refret it with no nibs. Glad to see them getting rid of them.... finally.
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    Goodbye Grovers

    No, but they do look better.
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    Question about short and long neck tennon op LP's..

    In my experience, neck through guitars have the worst resonance.
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    74 White Custom Question

    That's not a factory stamp. Someone else than Gibson put that there and... I agree about the witch hat knobs: Ditch 'em. That's what I did on mine.
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    Neck thru body-alot more sustain?

    Short Answer: NO.
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    Why not use ebony? An interesting video

    I think that the streaked ebony is beautiful and its about time someone realized what was happening with the harvesting methods regarding ebony. Kudos to Bob Taylor on this. This is my tele neck with a beautiful piece:
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    High E string slippage

    I just fixed an SG with this exact problem. There are many, many Gibsons with this issue and I simply do not understand why Gibson continues to leave plastic binding at the edge of every fret, just like I don't understand why they don't use a scarf joint for their headstocks or use a laminated...
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    Getting Big Muff Pi to cut through

    Easy. Sell it and get a Blackout Effectors Fuzz.
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    Norlin Era Gibson Les Pauls

    Its a lot of the same on MF.
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    Strat neck finish question?

    My point is that you could find a guitar with a neck profile you like and a neck finish you like. Its really not rocket science, unless you just want to make work for yourself. Each his own, I guess. Good luck with your project. In of finish "stickyness" when hot and humid, nitro is a worse...
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    Strat neck finish question?

    Then all you need to do is play it, right? Why complicate things? If you don't like the the neck finish, maybe you should have gotten a different guitar.
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    Fender SCN Neck & Middle Noiseless

    Selling two SCN pickups with the off-white covers. One Neck, One Middle. I had these in my Strat Ultra for a couple of years but I'm just not gelling with them. Asking $90.00 for both. They're a nice combination for someone that has a humbucker in the bridge. DSCF5747 by lydian2012, on Flickr
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    Headstock Goof: How to fix?

    A lot of Spanish luthiers scarf their headstocks using this method. There's nothing wrong with it. In terms of headstock thickness, 1/2" thick is fine. If you want a little thichker, add a venner over the top. Actually, with that style of scarf, a veneer on the headstock is a must to hide the...
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    What is the procedure for fixing this fret

    What? You have a low fret between two high ones and its the only low fret on the neck? That odd. Personally, I'd replace the one fret.

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